This year, St. Patrick’s Day is going digital. Broadcasting from the island of Ireland, this fun-filled 90-minute show will broadcast LIVE on March 17 at 5:30 pm eastern time from three much-loved pubs in Dublin, Belfast and the pretty coastal town of Dingle in County Kerry and will bring a festival of music, Irish dancing, special guests, and a few surprises right into your living room.


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If you’re still dreaming of planning an adventure to Ireland for St. Patrick’s day in the future, here are three ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland.

Explore the St. Patrick Centre in Downpatrick

The Saint Patrick Centre in Downpatrick explores the story of this saint and how his legacy developed in early Christian times. This museum explores the legacy of St. Patrick and is the starting point for many who are embarking on their own pilgrimage walk.

Hike Saint Patrick’s Way: The Pilgrim’s Walk

Starting at the Navan Centre in Armagh, this 82 miles signed walking trail connects key sites relating to Saint Patrick and Christian Heritage. It takes you through some of Northern Ireland’s most spectacular scenic landscapes before ending at Saint Patrick’s final resting place, on the grounds of Down Cathedral in Downpatrick.  The trail first opened in 2012 and is a less crowded alternative to other caminos around the world. The St. Patrick Centre in Downpatrick offers shortened tours led by y expert Adoration Sisters that include the St. Patrick’s Way Camino and Lunch, St. Patrick’s Coastal Camino, and St. Patrick’s Way Camino and Canoe Adventure.

Visit Downpatrick’s Head

Downpatrick Head in County Mayo is one of the most picturesque spots in this area of Ireland. The view of the Dún Briste sea stack is unparalleled and worth the 5km walk (or drive) from Ballycastle village. Legend has it that St. Patrick struck the ground with his staff, causing the sea stack to break away from the mainland.

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