The leaves are changing, the winds are getting cooler, and everything on the menu is flavoured with pumpkin spice. Even though we hear a ton about Spring cleaning, my favourite time to change up my house is the fall re-fresh. If you’re looking to add a bit of cozy into your home, Cushy has a collection of handmade rugs, cushions and home decor items that will give you a bit of warmth and that pop of colour you’ve been missing.

Cushy works responsibly with artisans and makers ensuring that all of their products are fair trade. They do this by partnering directly with the makers and being involved in the production process, to ensure that they are compensated fairly, as well as providing customers with the highest quality products. Here are our three favourite decor items that will warm up your home this all.


Add a bit of plush texture to your couch area with the Cream Textured Rug.  Made with 100% eco-friendly wool, this handwoven rug is lightweight, durable and easy to clean.


I love adding a bit of colour into my space with throw pillows. They are a great way to add brighten up a darker couch and add some soft texture to a room. The Cream Braids Pillow with tassels hues is made with 100% wool making it extremely durable to cozy up with while watching your favourite Hallmark movie.

Wall Hanging

Adding some texture to your walls is a lovely option both on their own or on art will with framed pictures and paintings. The soft blue in the Handmade Triangle Wallhangings are just natural enough that this will work in almost any room but soft enough that it doubles as both beautiful art and a calming point in your room.

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