After devouring the details of the many delicious Christmas cakes around the world we decided to create a guide to the most-loved Christmas cakes across different countries.

Not only is our decadent infographic of Christmas cakes a feast for the eyes, but we have also sourced recipes for making all of the global goodies included in our Christmas cakes guide, so you can add an international twist to your Christmas celebrations this year.

Here are 34 cakes that you should try this holiday season rounded up by Taxi2Airport.

Recipes for Christmas Cakes Around the World

Stollen, Germany & Austria

Whip up this fruit bread using this tasty recipe from The Spruce.

Pan de Pascua, Chile

Treat your guests this Christmas to some Chilean sweet bread using this delicious recipe from En Mi Cocina Hoy.

La Bûche de Nöel, France

Enjoy a French delicacy this Christmas with another inspiring recipe from The Spruce.

Panettone, Italy

Indulge in the Italian classic with a little help from Brown Eyed Baker.

Rum Cake, Jamaica

For a boozy treat, try out the traditional Jamaican rum cake with a handy how-to from Cooking the Globe.

Japanese Christmas Cake, Japan

The Japanese Christmas cake is a light sponge with strawberries and cream. Bake one this Christmas using this recipe from Cooking with Dog.

Makowiec, Poland

This Polish sweet bread roll will be a real treat for your friends and family this Christmas. Magda’s Cauldron has a great recipe to follow.

Bolo Rei de Natal, Portugal

This fruity festive bread from Portugal is something the whole family will love. Family Foodie have the perfect recipe to help you whip it up.

Rosca de Reyes, Spain and Mexico

Popular in both Spain and Mexico this cake is a delicious ring-shaped sweet pastry with a cream centre. Try it using the recipe from Lavender and Lovage.

Christmas Cake, UK

The classic Christmas cake is a staple of the British Christmas dinner. If you haven’t made one before, BBC Good Food have a great recipe to follow.

Cozonac cu Nuca, Romania

A sweet and nutty bread from Romania, Cozonac cu Nuca would be a delicious addition to Christmas this year. Check out this recipe from Jo Cooks.

Vinarterta, Iceland

An Icelandic favourite, why not try it out this year using this fabulous recipe from Port and Fin.

Kransekake, Norway

This almond flavoured cake tower is loved in Norwegian celebrations. Make one yourself with this easy recipe from A Simple Homestead.

Saffransbullar, Sweden

This Swedish treat is a sweet saffron bread, offering a unique taste. Have a taste using this lovely recipe from Hilah Cooking.

Joulutorttu, Finland

These Finnish pasty tarts are presented in the shape of a windmill, and would be a fun addition to the Christmas table this year. Check out how to make them at Cake, Crumbs, Beach, Sand.

Drømmekage, Denmark

A tasty sponge cake with a caramelised coconut topping – yum! Try it out with some help from Adore Foods.

Kersttulband, Netherlands

A favourite with the Taxi2Airport office, this Dutch treat is a rich pound cake decorated with cherries. Discover it for yourself with this recipe from The Dutch Table.

Cougnou, Belgium

This sweet bread from Belgium is known as ‘bread of Jesus’ and is shaped to look like a baby. Try out the traditional treat with this recipe from Smile Caroline.

Chräbeli, Switzerland

This Swiss favourite is a small aniseed cookie. Nettle and Quince have a great recipe for making your own this Christmas.

Vánočka, Czech Republic

Enjoy this sweet braided bread from the Czech Republic, using this brilliant recipe by What Sarah Bakes.

Štedrák, Slovakia

Give your Christmas a Slovakian twist this year with this hearty cake. Have a look at Slovak Cooking for the recipe.

Šakotis, Lithuania

A very festive treat. This is a tree shaped cake made by rotating batter over an open fire. Not the easiest to replicate but if you want to try, The Spruce have a fab recipe.

Piparkūkas, Latvia

These spicy biscuits just take like Christmas! See for yourself with this recipe from Femme Au Foyer.

Piparkoogid, Estonia

These aromatic cookies are similar to ginger snaps. Indulge in the Estonian treat using this recipe from The Star.

Perekladanets, Ukraine

Delight your guests this Christmas with a unique Ukrainian treat. The Spruce have the recipe with everything you need.

Beigli, Hungary

Have Christmas Hungarian style this year by serving up this walnut and poppy seed pastry. Get the recipe on Budapest Moms.

Potica, Slovenia

Treat yourself and your loved ones with to this nutty Slovenian cake this year. Slovenia Incognita have a brilliant recipe to try out.

Fritule, Croatia

These fried pasty ball are sure to go down well with your guests. You can get the recipe on Chasing the Donkey.

Česnica, Serbia

A traditional bread from Serbia – try it out with this useful recipe from Snap Guide.

Koledna Pitka, Bulgaria

Brighten up the Christmas table with this honey bread shaped into cheerful designs. Have a look at Tara’s Multicultural Table for the recipe.

Baklava, Albania

You might have tried baklava at the Christmas markets, but why not make your own with this simple recipe from My Albanian Food.

Melomakarona, Greece

These tasty Greek honey cookies will be a big hit. Get the recipe from My Greek Dish.

Pan Dulce, Argentina

In Argentina the traditional pan dulce fruit and nut filled bread is popular. Have a taste with this recipe from Rebecca’s International Kitchen.

Pavlova, New Zealand

You may have tried pavlova before, but did you know it was a popular Christmas dish in New Zealand. Make your own using this tasty recipe from Mismatched Passports.

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