Luxurious attractions, delectable cuisine and spectacular sights all around – you can’t beat Thailand for excitement and inspiration. A deliciously warm and sunny country, this is the perfect holiday ground for blissful seaside adventures, excellent nightlife escapades and a taste of exotic Asian culture.  Thailand is an incredibly popular tourist destination teeming with vibrant experiences and surprises around every corner. The country has a well-developed infrastructure system in place for tourists and it’s easy to plan a trip here by yourself. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when booking your trip to Thailand.

Travel Essentials for Thailand

There are a few travel necessities you need to look into before you start packing. This includes tasks such as checking visa requirements, buying travel insurance (a mandatory requirement in the country) and learning if there any vaccines you might need to get.  Thailand permits most nationalities to enter the country with no special requirements as long as the visit lasts less than thirty days. Find out what visa regulations, if any may apply to you and how you can comply.

As for vaccines, immunisations against typhoid and hepatitis A are generally recommended. Both are diseases you can contract by eating contaminated food. Also make sure to look up vaccine information on your national tourism and medical websites for further advise.

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When to go to Thailand

The best time to visit Thailand is during November to February, when the weather is mostly dry and the many beaches are ravishing. These few months offer pleasantly warm temperatures – perfect for outdoor adventures and touring the country’s stunning landscapes. Starting from March, temperatures rise and the weather can turn incredibly hot and sunny. The hot season lasts till April, baking Thailand’s beautiful national parks along with any tourists hardy enough to visit during these months. May marks the beginning of the rainy season. It can rain long and hard until October, but you can still squeeze in some time outdoors as the rains almost never last the entire day.

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Transportation in Thailand

You’ll find many modes of transport in Thailand. There are many daily domestic flights you can take to get from one end of the country to another. The local trains are also a great way to travel. The tickets are reasonably priced and you’ll be able to buy snacks and even entire meals while you’re on the go.

You can travel by bus as well, though they can get a bit hot and stuffy depending on the weather. Or you could just avoid public transportation and opt for a taxi or an Uber ride. Tuk tuks and Songthaews are also exciting ways to visit local attractions – just make sure you agree on the price before you hop in one.

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What to Expect in Thailand

Thailand is a fantastic destination, but it’s also a vividly different experience from Europe or anywhere else. The traffic here may be worse than what you’re used to, and you might need a couple of days to figure out how the locals cross the street. However the public transportation services here are well-organised and safe for tourists. Signposts are usually marked in English and you won’t have to look far to find local English speakers.

Also the street food is truly outstanding, if a bit spicy. You might have to use chopsticks (or your hands) but you’re sure to get the hang of it after your first few street delicacies.

Thailand street food
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