Canada is an absolutely beautiful country, and accordingly, it’s packed with incredible resorts that can take your breath away. With the bulk of the focus regarding Canadian travel typically going toward the cities, ski ranges, and untouched natural areas though, the resorts don’t always get as much attention as they should. For this reason, we’re highlighting some of the best of the best resorts in Canada to visit below.

Ste. Anne’s Spa – Grafton, Ontario

Ste. Anne’s Spa isn’t in Toronto proper, but it’s close enough – and still feels like it’s a world away. This is a rustic, charming getaway, not over the top in its design or amenities but rather cozy, inviting, and built to take full advantage of its pretty, natural surroundings. Ste. Anne’s doubles as a day spa for those who simply want to take advantage of the full range of spa amenities, but it’s primarily a lovely resort with cottage and inn accommodations, as well as larger options (such as the “Farmhouse”) for bigger groups.

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort – Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Vancouver Island is a fantastic place to target for a getaway regardless of where you end up staying. For most, it’s a draw at least in part because it comprises a piece of the vaunted British Columbia wine country, which essentially caters to a whole category of wine-related tourism in and of itself. If you’re really looking to enjoy the natural splendour of the area though, the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort the is the place for you. You can essentially think of it as a five-star summer camp, complete with waterside porches and jacuzzis with vast valley views. One of the most relaxing of all the resorts in Canada.

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise – Lake Louise, Alberta

Located on Lake Louise in Alberta, this is perhaps a more traditional resort than the first two we listed here, but an extraordinary one nonetheless. It actually dates back to an establishment from the late 1800s but is now a sprawling complex with a full range of spa amenities, dining options, and accommodations, as well as access to numerous outdoor activities in the surrounding wilderness (including ice skating on the grounds, when it’s cold enough). During the warmer months, Lake Louise makes for a stunning visual and a fun boating opportunity.

River Rock Casino Resort – Richmond, British Columbia

River Rock can be easily overlooked because it’s first and foremost a casino, and in Canada, the casino business is mostly online. The lax gambling laws and the range of slot games on offer (in addition to the old standard poker sites) make Canada’s online gaming scene a draw even to tourists who just want to go somewhere these activities are legal and accessible. When you look at the River Rock as a resort though, its appeal is clear. It’s right on the water in Richmond, just south of Vancouver, and the facilities are gorgeous and luxurious without feeling particularly exclusive or glamorous. It’s a lovely spot for a slightly more casual vacation if you’re looking for resorts in Canada and a good base from which to explore Vancouver as well.

Westin Resort & Spa – Whistler, British Columbia

Some consider Whistler, in British Columbia, to be the best ski resort area in the world. It’s certainly one of the top options in North America, and that’s just about enough of a reason to trust that the Westin Resort & Spa there is a special place. There are simpler places to stay if you’re going to ski, but the Westin is perhaps the most luxurious and visually spectacular option. Your every need will be taken care of at this incredible hotel, and nothing much beats coming in from a day off the slopes to a place like this!

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