Bruno Correa


5 Sustainable Travel Experiences to Explore

Do you find it difficult to be a responsible traveller? You are not alone. More than 85%* of travellers would like to choose sustainable experiences, but only 39% manage to do so. It can be hard to find genuinely responsible hotels or tell if the experience is truly sustainable or not.  So, if you are a conscious traveller but still have no idea where to get started, Bee + Hive has prepared a list of five jaw-dropping experiences, that you can enjoy from your backyard to far-flung destinations. Go Bird Watching Bird watching is Bee + Hive’s my number one activity for the season. It invites you to find peace of mind and leads to health improvement. Recent studies prove that listening to bird songs can help de-stress and restore attention. Add to that, the endless benefits of being close to nature. Birds can be seen anywhere, including an urban…