Kathryn Mickel


How a Well-Designed Hotel Lobby Can Make the First Impression

The first impression is critical to capturing the guest’s imagination and satisfaction and is inclusive of everything from their experience with the staff member who first greets them, to their thoughts on the exterior and interior property aesthetics. From an interior design perspective, the design of a hotel entry and lobby is vital to creating a positive initial impact. It establishes the expectations for the quality, comfort, interest and functionality for the balance of hotel. In addition, the lobby is where we begin to unveil the narrative or story of the design that makes each hotel experience unique. Most project designers follow a similar process when starting a new project. First, the initial design concept is determined. This is the overarching project narrative which sets the core design idea. It is the “ground zero” for design influencing the key materials, palette, forms and design attitude as the designer develops the…