Are you considering planning your next vacation? Do you want to combine excitement, fun and relaxation? Skip your usual resort-based beachside or the top European cities and opt for a cruise vacation.

You may decide to explore a series of new places to have fun with your loved ones. The Caribbean beaches, the Baltic, or the Mediterranean countries from Italy and Spain to the Greek islands and Malta have always been the most popular destinations. However, this is also an opportunity to make friends by meeting new people at your dinner table, at the piano bar while drinking a glass of wine, or by the pool while looking at the sunset.

Nowadays cruise ships fulfill all types of desires and almost everything is included, from accommodation and food to entertainment and transfers. Most of the cruise vacations involve a wide range of activities for all age groups, including adrenaline-fuelled activities, cinemas, theatres, casinos, and gyms as well as five-star culinary experiences.

Take the Risk

If you’re a sporty type, most cruise ships have gyms and offer exercise classes. Furthermore, several ships are outfitted with full-sized rock-climbing walls, giving the opportunity to climb while you float. If you enjoy crossing rope bridges and climbing swinging steps 150 feet above the sea, you might go for a ride on a mega-sized rope course. Go-karts, as well as surfing and

Chill Out

Take your time to chill out. Those who prefer relaxing, alone or with their loved ones, can enjoy a couple of hours at a spa. You can buy a day pass which usually includes access to several different facilities or a weeklong pass. If you need a bit of relaxation, you can also take part in a yoga class or try your hand at golf. On some cruise ships you may also experience some wine tastings as well as being able to book painting or pottery classes.

Shopping Lovers

Forget you’re at sea and imagine you are walking through the most luxury shopping streets in the world. Most cruise ships provide commercial areas when you can find all the most exclusive brands, such as Gucci, Prada, Versace, and Michael Kors. Be careful though, or you may need an extra suitcase!


Great entertainment should be one of the key points of your vacation. In this respect, several cruise ships have cinemas as well as theatres where you can enjoy your night after dinner. From Broadway performances and original musicals to aqua and ice shows, onboard entertainment is guaranteed. HairsprayWe Will Rock YouCatsMamma Mia! and Grease are the most popular shows you can find on board.

Table Games

While cruising, treat yourself by spending time at the pool in the daytime and having fun at night thanks to the range of activities you can find on board. For instance, opting for table games can be a great combination of both relaxation and entertainment; roulette is a great option that became popular in Europe thanks to French brothers Francois and Louis Blanc. In 1843, in the German town of Bad Homburg, they introduced the single 0 style roulette wheel which offered the traditional set-up of 37 pockets, numbered zero to 36.

In the 19th century, this game became so popular that a legend said that the brothers made a deal with the devil. However, when the German government abolished gaming in the 1860s, the Blanc family moved to Monte Carlo, a destination which then started to gather the élite of Europe.

Culinary Experiences

High-quality food will be the highlight of your time on board. If all you want to do is nothing while the ship sails from port to port, treat yourself by tasting the most delicious foods from around the world. You may decide to have breakfast by the pool as well as have lunch or dinner in a fancy sit-down restaurant, a sushi bar, a diner or a steakhouse.


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