Have you ever dreamed of staying in on a private island in a beachfront room overlooking the ocean? Well even if you haven’t, now you will thanks to the stunning Isla Palenque.

Nestled on the western Pacific shore of Panama in the Gulf of Chiriquí lies the tranquil private island of Isla Palenque. This 400-acre island is home to more monkeys than humans filled with thick forests, howler monkeys, parrots and other exotic animals letting you live our your very own Robinson Crusoe dreams.


Beach Bungalow Image Credit: Isla Palenque, Cayuga Collection


Isla Palenque also has 8 luxurious Beachfront Casitas that can hold up to 4 guests that are just steps away from the private beach that stretches along 1.3km of pristine water. They have embraced the allure of being on a private island naming each room after a classic novel that was set on an island.

Each casita beautifully blends indoor comforts with an outdoor experience allowing you to sleep and relax in an air-conditioned area, but have the rugged luxury of bathing or relaxing in a hammock or swing outdoors.

Image Credit: Isla Palenque, Cayuga Collection

And if you are looking for a little extra TLC, massage and select spa services can be arranged al fresco allowing you to relax with the sound of the waves crashing and the natural jungle noises as the soundtrack.

For larger groups, the Beachfront Villa Estate 6 free-standing Villa Estate suites and rooms and can accommodate up to 14 guests at a time.

The resort was developed by the Cayuga Collection as their first hotel in Panama. Following a similar to their other properties, they believe in sustainable luxury committed to sharing this special area of the world, not harming it. Throughout the resort, they use renewable materials, biodegradable products and have constructed their own furniture with fallen trees from the island to create a luxurious and eco-friendly experience.

Image Credit: Isla Palenque, Cayuga Collection

All of the food served on the island is organic and locally sourced as they are committed to supporting the local fishers and farmers. They have also gone straw-free and have designed their own biodegradable alternative using a plant sourced from the island.

The resort is an all-inclusive experience that includes a private boat transfer from Boca Chica, a number of hiking and sailing excursions to discover the nearby private beaches and a rotating daily menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner at their on-site open-air restaurants (alcoholic beverages not included).

Image Credit: Isla Palenque, Cayuga Collection


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