With social media apps such as Pinterest and Instagram being flooded with interior design inspiration, more and more people are turning to DIY to give their homes a much-needed injection of personality. One of the harder and more expensive areas to renovate though is the kitchen – however, these five handy tips and tricks will help you easily and economically transform your kitchen.

Refresh your sealant

One of the most important things to remember when decorating a kitchen is to ensure that you use a good and reliable sealant. After all, you wouldn’t want the new decor to be ruined by an unsealed sink or unsightly mold! A transparent silicone sealant is always a safe bet to ensure it blends seamlessly into the room without appearing garish and unsightly. Often sealant with age can become discolored so even just a small change such as this can breathe new life into your kitchen.

Vinyl is your friend

Styles change and having new countertops fitted to align with your aesthetic isn’t always an option. This is where vinyl comes in! No longer just used as an affordable and durable floor covering, more people are using vinyl to recover their countertops. Totally transforming the whole ambiance of their kitchen at minimal costs. Another benefit of vinyl is, you can easily remove and replace it! Whilst it takes a lot of patience to apply, it doesn’t require any particular skill, meaning even DIY novices are able to transform their countertops easily.

Replace your hardware

Has your hardware become tarnished over time? Are you totally over stainless steel and want to inject warmer metals? Replacing the hardware in your kitchen is really easy and you can find a multitude of affordable options online. Maybe you want to have totally mismatched drawer pulls and cupboard handles to match your quirky aesthetic – super easy! Just make sure to check measurements before purchasing to eliminate the need to drill any new holes.

Transform with tile stickers

Tiling is an extremely skilled job, which is best left to professionals. However, it can be extremely expensive. You can easily cover old tiles with tile stickers to totally transform the look of your kitchen. This is also a great option for renters, who want to personalize their homes in a way that can be easily reversed should they wish to move out.


One of the easiest ways to breathe new life into a room is to add accessories. It is so easy to rearrange and replace accessories to suit your current style or trends. Interior trends come and go, so accessories are a simple way to keep your home in line with the times. Whether it’s simple prints or an influx of candles and vases, home accessories have the ability to totally transform the aesthetic of any room. Simple changes like adding decorative vases or a floral arrangement can update your room whilst still being affordable. This again is another renter-friendly hack for redesigning your kitchen as you’re not making any changes that a landlord may disapprove of.

Your home should be a sanctuary and a reflection of your personality and tastes. However, renovation can at times be really daunting. These five handy tips will help you totally transform your kitchen without breaking the bank or having to turn to professionals. Whilst kitchen renovation seems like a huge project, making little changes can go a long way. Whether you’re renting and wanting to add your own personal touch to your kitchen, or a DIY novice wanting to get stuck into renovation – your kitchen can be a lot easier to transform than you’d think!

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