Founded by Nuria Madrenas in 2019. Tacit Collective is devoted to promoting female artists through a curated selection of contemporary art. We sat down with Nuria to learn more about the gallery, her love for art, and her life as an entrepreneur.

1. Can you start off by introducing yourself and what Tacit is?

My name is Nuria Madrenas and I am the Founder of Tacit- an online gallery dedicated to works by female artists. We’ve also more recently launched an art consultancy wing of Tacit that allows us to work with interior design, retail, and hospitality clients to develop their art programs, as well as with personal art curation clients to build their art collection.

2. What was your inspiration for founding it?

The concept for Tacit transpired from the overwhelming misrepresentation of females within the art industry – accounting for a mere 2% of the art sold worldwide. As an artist myself, I was inspired to change this statistic and amplify female artists in a way that merged creativity and commerce. Tacit allows artists to achieve discoverability, reach new audiences, and sell their work in a way that is conducive to their artistic process and connects them with like-minded artists and collectors. The majority of Tacit customers are emerging art collectors who are looking to develop purposeful collections.
3. How have you found the artists that you work with?

At first, I was connecting with artists I had existing relationships with. Having formerly worked in marketing and PR, I had worked with local artists on campaigns, event installations, and mural creation, so a lot of those relationships naturally developed into these artists participating in this next phase of mine. It’s now primarily inbound requests from artists eager to become part of the community and reach a broader audience.

4. Are there any trends in art that you’re noticing? Styles you’d love to see more of?

As far as current trends go, we’re definitely seeing a lot more digital illustration and design. It’s certainly a malleable form of art that lends itself well to the current creator economy. That being said, a trend (or rather, a movement) I’d love to see more of is the merging of art and science as it relates to mental health and wellness. Art plays an important role in the recovery process for those struggling with mental illness, and art and creative practices can closely be linked to our overall wellbeing. I’d love to see more collaborations between artists and scientists to amplify this messaging and further illustrate the intersectionalities between art and health.

5. For those looking to add a bit of art to your home, can you pick out some of your favourite pieces and share why you love them?

Of course! A lot of my current favourite pieces are inspired by travel, considering we’ve been without it for so long.


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