This morning, we woke up bright and early to hop on our Rail Europe train to back to Paris for our final day in France. This marks the last day  the challenge where 8 bloggers from Canada were sent to 4 locations across France to help showcase and share the regional cuisine to you, our readers. In addition to my daily travel diaries, you can follow the adventure on social media under the hashtag #FestiveFrance!

UntitledWe started off the day by checking into our accommodation at Hotel Pullman in La Defence and enjoying a delicious three courselunch from their exquisite chefs. WIth the afternoon off before our final challenge, I relaxed and explored Paris on my own discovering the Marias Quarter and sneaking in a bit of shopping!
UntitledWe finished off our trip by all joining together at the Cordon Bleu for a cooking class. This was an exciting opportunity to not only meet with the 7 other dynamic travel bloggers from the trip, but also it was an honour to cook alongside some of the best chefs in the world. The Cordon Bleu has been the leader in culinary and hospitality education since its creation in 1895 and has helped teach some of the best chefs around the world. We were each tasked with creating a dish native to the region that we travelled to. As we each travelled to one of four locations throughout France, NantesBordeaux-PérigueuxBayonne-Pau and Mulhouse en Alsace, this was an exciting opportunity to showcase the regional cuisine from the area and share in a delicious and dynamic meal. To finish off the evening, we travelled to the Tour de Montparnasse for a spectacular view of the city from their top floor restaurant and bar. Untitled

It has been an honour and a pleasure to share my journey to Nantes with all of you reading these articles and I can’t wait to see which blog wins when they announce the contest in the upcoming weeks!

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