The last two years have completely disrupted the existence of any individual, forcing him to measure himself with the harshness of reality. People’s habits have been completely disrupted during the health emergency, and their certainties have been almost totally neutralized by the advance of the disease and the consequent measures adopted by individual governments to deal with it. The virus has also left a deep mark on our way of conceiving work and home, two poles that in the pre-pandemic period we were used to considering diametrically opposed as if they had nothing in common, and that now we must consider as closely linked by a common destiny. One of the most striking effects of the pandemic, from this point of view, has reverberated on the daily habits of people, who have gradually become accustomed to appreciating their homes more – also because of the long periods of lockdown spent at home – and to consider it as a place of work, especially thanks to the explosion of the phenomenon of smart working. 

A silent revolution 

With the support of digitization and some specific applications dedicated to online meetings, in fact, agile work has now become a reality, and it was precisely the pandemic that gave a decisive acceleration in this particular direction. Nowadays, everyone participates in meetings or work calls from anywhere, from home or even from their car, connecting in seconds to the chosen application and taking part in the meeting as if they were there in the flesh. 

These changes have had profound consequences on the design world as well, particularly in that sector of furniture that focuses on office accessories. Producers of these furnishing elements have had to confront a very specific problem: after working for many months at home, people may need a new kind of office, a welcoming and comfortable space that transmits to them the same sensations experienced in a home, in their own home, or in any case in a residential environment capable of ensuring high levels of comfort. This is the residential, a phenomenon that is not completely new (in the world of design it has already been discussed for a few years) that proposes hybrid environments, halfway between home-residential and commercial design, creating aesthetically pleasing spaces in which the watchword is only one: well-being. In addition to wanting to offer increasingly comfortable workspaces similar to domestic homes, every effort is being made to produce tangible well-being for employees, for anyone who finds themselves having to spend several hours in the same work environment. For this reason, we are increasingly studying peculiar design solutions able to combine an undisputed aesthetic appeal and the ability to pleasantly stimulate the senses of the observers, generating real well-being.

The crucial role of design 

Design can have a real impact on people’s tactile, visual and auditory well-being. With sound-absorbing panels, now widely used, we try to limit as much as possible the cacophony of surrounding noises, while the essentiality and elegance of the forms tickle the most emotional side of the individual, who will draw (perhaps unconsciously) great and pleasant benefits. Even the materials are absolutely crucial to generate these kinds of feelings: just think of the market for office chairs and the variety of fabrics and textiles used to complete each product, and chosen specifically for their ability to transmit in a single moment extremely pleasant and satisfying feelings to anyone who touches them. 

All this has decisive consequences for people’s happiness, but also for their productivity. Spending most of the day in an environment that is very similar to your own home, even in terms of comfort, is undoubtedly one of the best incentives to do your best work, and quickly. 

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After two very complicated years, people seem to be naturally oriented towards the pursuit of total well-being and fulfillment in all its forms, as if they are looking for some sort of moral reward for all the hardships and difficulties they have been forced to face.

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