Opting for a cruise holiday can prove to be a healthy combination of both adventure and fun. Regardless of whether you are sailing along a river or in an ocean, you’d never want to leave the site of water again. In most cases, people often plan their next cruise even before de-boarding.

Cruises have emerged as the ultimate getaway as everything you require is available on board, yet you are completely isolated from the rest of the world. Furthermore, there’s a lot more to cruising then what is commonly thought by people. There are all kinds of cruises you can go on, casino cruises, adventure cruises, river cruises etc. Let’s acquaint you with some of the popular types below:

Adventure cruises

These are ideal for people who want all-out fun and some amount of adrenaline rush during their cruises. You will witness plenty of activities planned on smaller boats, focused on getting the passenger’s hands dirty. You have everything ranging from diving, hiking, paragliding to kayaking on these cruises. The activities are suited to all skill levels and are done with the help of top-of-the-line equipment. Many of the top 20 cruises listed here are actually adventure cruises that can leave you with life-long and adrenaline-filled memories.

River cruises

As you might have guessed, these cruises are comparatively much smaller and more intimate in nature than their mainstream counterparts. They normally involve shorter distances and the cruising happens during the night hours, allowing you to explore different areas and indulge in all kinds of activities during the daytime. While ocean cruisers normally have a capacity ranging from 3000 to 5000 people, these river cruises usually accommodate no more than 200. Furthermore, because the boats aren’t as massive as the main cruises, you get to know the staff and other travellers much better. Not just that, these cruises are more flexible and can give you more time at the ports, allowing you to discover the local villages and cities on your own.

Casino cruises

Those who are fond of gambling and would like to indulge in those slot machines, poker games etc. in the middle of the ocean, would love casino cruises. These cruises offer a luxury holiday experience and you can opt from different casino cruise types such as superyacht casino cruises, high-stakes casino cruises, sophisticated casino cruises and more. The experience you get is at par with any of the top-rated casino establishments in destinations like Macau, Las Vegas etc.

Ocean cruises

The most commonly known cruise types that are loved by a great multitude of people, ocean cruises like Royal Caribbean Cruise, the Disney Cruise, the Carnival Cruise and others have become extremely popular over the years. They carry thousands of people at one time and cater to each one of their needs with great care. Not just that, because of the scale of their operation, they are less expensive and turn out to be more cost-effective than other cruise types.

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