Embrace the warm summer weather and the bright sunshine by planting your garden. Whether you have space for plant beds in the ground or growing a few herbs in a planter, gardening can be both an enjoyable and rewarding hobby. You’ll never forget the taste of the first vegetable you grew yourself. Here are some tips for making the most of your garden this summer.

Start with the florals

Picking the right flowers can really set the tone for the exterior of your home. Choose between pre-planted flowers, like the Home Depot Plant of the Year Mega Boom Passion Fruit Dahlia Planter, or arrange your own florals based on sunlight and your favourite blooms.

Annuals are a great way to add some colour to your display, but for a low-maintenance garden that comes back every year, look into planting hearty perennials.  You’ll want to also consider how much sunlight your garden beds get. If there is ample shade, plant impatiens and begonias that will still bloom brightly.

Grow your own vegetables

There is nothing more satisfying than picking the harvest from your vegetable garden. For most vegetables, you’ll want to begin planting as early as the Spring so that it sprouts nicely by the summer months. But, if you’re nervous about starting your garden from scratch, The Home Depot offers ready-to-plant options to fill out your garden easily.


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Take care of your lawn

Wondering how your neighbours keep their lawn so green? The Home Depot has several handy tips to keep your lawn looking great but as a beginner, you’ll want to remember to weed and water your lawn regularly.  By removing pesky weeds like crabgrass properly, watering regularly and keeping your lawn fertilized and healthy that dry yellow grass will look healthier sooner than you think, Or, if you just need a full refresh, laying sod can be easier than you think.

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