ZWILLING  is not only revolutionizing the way we cook but also the way we keep our food. One of the biggest issues for the home cook is that food can be forgotten in the back corner of a cupboard can dry out and lead to it being thrown out leading to 35.5 million tonnes of food produced in Canada being lost or wasted and over half of all food waste is coming from homes. That’s why the ZWILLING FRESH & SAVE CUBE is the next new thing to keep your food fresh for longer.

ZWILLING FRESH & SAVE CUBE  is the new vacuum storage system made with BPA-free glass-like, 100% see-through containers. The containers are modular and can be stacked securely after sealing for space-efficient counter or drawer storage.

Available in nine sizes, these containers preserve the flavours, textures, and valuable nutrients of foods by sealing with ZWILLING’s FRESH & SAVE vacuum pump. But even without the use of the vacuum pump, the lids create an airtight seal that safely protects stored food.


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