Vegas has grown in popularity over the years, with visitors increasing annually. Although Vegas has often been cited as the de facto gambling capital of the world, there are also multiple other destinations for avid gamblers to visit and experience. Although Las Vegas is often seen as the world’s gambling capital, there are several other casino vacation destinations that you should visit at least once. It might seem costly to visit some of the destinations. However, it is a great way to spend your money. You get first-hand experience of gambling and the culture in a foreign country. It can make you a better gambler in the long run.

There are countless possibilities all over the globe for gambling. Nonetheless, It can be challenging to pick the right destination with good casinos that will meet all your gambling needs while offering other forms of relaxation and entertainment. Here are some unique destinations for gamblers:

Montreal, Quebec

In addition to a multicultural setting, Quebec has a lot to offer gamblers. Visitors can enjoy their favourite gambling games in several world-class casinos. One of the largest casinos in Montreal is the Casino de Montreal, found on Notre Dame Island.  It is open around the clock, and you can play any time you want with thousands of slots and gaming tables to choose from. You can also check out some of the top online casinos in Canada. True to its multicultural setting, you can enjoy some of the best culinary delights in Montreal ranging from local to even Korean cuisines.


Situated in China, Macau has often competed with Las Vegas for the title of the best gambling destination in the world. It offers visitors a taste of the Asian culture and some of the best gambling resorts Asia offers.  The region is autonomous with its laws, which have seen gambling being promoted and legalized. Since the legalization of gambling in 1850, it has grown to be one of the top destinations for gamblers worldwide. The tourism sector in Macau has also increased significantly due to the legal status of gambling.  Tourists can enjoy the vast selection of casino resorts similar to Western countries. Most gambling venues are open throughout the day, which ensures you can continue enjoying the games for as long as you like.

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Monte Carlo, Monaco

Although a visit to Monte Carlo may prove costly, visitors can be assured it is worth every cent. The gambling industry in Monte Carlo can be traced back centuries ago and offers one of the most elite settings for the wealthiest gamblers worldwide. It was the first European country to legalize gambling. It is often seen as the gambling capital of Europe, with many wealthy gamblers streaming in annually to gamble with style and enjoy some of the many famous attractions Monte Carlo has to offer. Coupled with a fair and pleasant climate, warm waters, and scenic views, it is an excellent destination for you to visit and enjoy.


Recent restructuring and reforms to the gambling laws have made Singapore be one of the top destinations for gamblers from all over the globe. The casino industry has grown and bloomed due to the law changes. Some of the essential gambling corporations are situated in Singapore. The casinos offer a wide variety of slot and table games for you to choose from and play. For example, the Marina Bay Sand Hotel Casino has 1500 slot machines and over 600 playing tables. It sits on over 15000 square meters and has four levels. You are guaranteed to have a great time in the city while trying out the local cuisines.

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In recent years, the gambling industry in Australia has experienced a massive expansion with the construction of tourist complexes in Sydney, Perth, and Cairns. It is estimated that about 80% of Australians gamble at least once annually. Despite the long-distance and high travel costs, traveling to Australia should be on the bucket list of every avid gambler. 

Situated in Melbourne, the Crown Casino is often regarded as the best casino in Australia. It is a great place to visit with several exciting attractions for visitors. The Star casino in Sydney overthrew the Sydney Opera as the most visited attraction in the city. 

It is an elegant establishment that offers top services. You can also enjoy a trip around Sydney and get a chance to enjoy the excellent climate and luxury Sydney has to offer.

London, United Kingdom

With a long history of gambling, London is the top gambling destination in the United Kingdom. One of London’s most popular gambling establishments is the Hippodrome, which has a rich history. Recent changes to the gambling laws have made it possible for you to enter most London Casinos and enjoy the games without being a registered member.  You can also enjoy gambling in bars and restaurants across the city. The Leicester Square Area has a reputation as one of the hottest gambling spots in the city, with several top casinos situated in the area. You can enjoy various casino games, such as poker, roulette, and slot machines.

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Manila, Philippines

A poker trip to Asia is incomplete without a visit to Manila. It is home to several casino and hotel complexes to meet all your gambling needs. Some of the most popular gambling spots include the City of Dreams, Midas, and Okada. Most gambling premises are situated within proximity of each other, making it easy to sample all that Manila offers. They place heavy emphasis on card games, but you can still enjoy the other casino games.


Although it is popular for its sandy beaches and clear water, the Caribbean island of Aruba has more to offer. It has several casinos that are a great addition to its nightlife. The most popular casino is the La Cabana Casino, which has excellent reviews from visitors. You also can enjoy the warm climate and interact with the friendly nature as you visit the casinos.

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