Looking at the best gardens to visit along Garden Walk in Buffalo, two key features stand out: the presence of growing flowers and wooden garden décor. While some will want to plant their flowers, ferns, fruits, and vegetables straight into the ground, the modern trend is to include raised planters and grow boxes, furthering the potential projects for anyone looking to create some bespoke wooden décor for their garden.

Of course, to complete your garden project, you’ll likely need to turn to a store for a heat source and lighting solutions. However, you’ll find that the main draw of the aesthetic of your garden will tend to center around the plants and your wooden creations. So, here are a bunch of wooden DIY ideas to play with for your bespoke creation, as well as the essential items that you’ll need to make them.

Some ideas for your DIY garden furniture and décor

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The main focus for a lot of people looking to add some vibrant colors to their garden is growing plants. To maximize the aesthetic output of doing this, you can’t go wrong with wooden planters, be they painted or stained. Starting from the bottom – in terms of difficulty to build and height – raised beds are always a good option, particularly because you can grow food that everyone will enjoy.

Moving up, you could run with the novel idea of having a hose holder with a built-in planter. Not only does this keep the ugly hose behind a fine wooden structure, but it also offers more color to the garden. Or, you could go another step further, combing the hose and planter to create a self-watering planter through the use of perforated drain pipes.

Going beyond the planters, there are many garden-defining wooden structures and smaller wooden projects that you can put together. For those with a sloped space, a wooden boardwalk can do wonders to make your area stand out and guide you towards the most attractive plants and ornaments. Alternatively, if you have nosey neighbors, opt for a stylish wooden privacy screen. Along with these more novel creations, you can’t turn your nose up to the classics, like a wooden bench, birdhouse, garden pond box, or tool storage closet.

What you need to prepare for your wooden DIY projects

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When working with wood, you’ll naturally want to get yourself a top-class wood preserver to ensure that your creations stand the test of time. These aren’t just coats to cover your creations with, however, as there’s now a tremendous range of colors and effects that you can draw from these preservers, stains, and treatments. One range of wood preservers offers many different colors, including clear, black, dark brown, holly green, red cedar, and more.

For holding the wood together, you can turn to classic nails or, of course, the diverse range of wood glues available in Canada. These range from multi-purpose adhesives to outdoor weatherproof glue, which can even bind patio furniture as well as birdhouses. While the glues are very effective these days, some prefer to go down the classic power tools route.

While there are many power tool brands available, the distinctly do-it-yourself range lends itself handily to the garden DIY jobs. From this range, you’ll be looking at the likes of a nail gun, miter or circular saw, sander, power drill, and perhaps a jigsaw and router. It also helps to get a pair of folding workbenches and some clamps too.

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