Tired of pushing around furniture to redecorate a room just to realize that it might not work? Or frustrated with cutting out décor ideas from flyers and realizing that it doesn’t fit your space? Now with Modsy, leave all that worry to the professionals to personalize your home décor.

How Does Modsy Work?

Modsy puts the tools of an interior designer at your fingertips — for just $59 USD! After taking the Modsy‘s free Style Quiz and submit a few photos of the room in need of decorating. Modsy then sends two custom designs as realistic 3D renderings, which can be used to “try on” furniture from hundreds of retailers like West Elm and Pottery Barn. Mom can then purchase the pieces directly through Modsy, eliminating trips to the store.

Can Modsy Design A Custom Room?

One of the best features of Modsy is that you can view your room at every angle to really imagine the design provided in your space. This allows you to not only see how the designers would recommend you to decorate your space but also allow you to understand how should you wish to incorporate some of these design elements in your space, you can see how it will flow and look in their 3D renderings.

Is Modsy Available in Canada?

Note to our Canadian readers: While Modsy is a US platform and uses primarily US retailers, be sure to select those that are available in Canada as well before submitting your room for design. That way, if you like the design provided, you can simply visit the retailer in-store or online to verify the Canadian prices and availability.

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