Remai Modern opens an interactive installation by internationally acclaimed artist Rirkrit Tiravanija. Tomorrow is the Question features five ping- pong tables, each of which bears the exhibition title on its surface. Visitors are invited to play ping-pong in the space, creating an unexpected museum experience where people become part of the art.

Tomorrow is the Question is a reactivation of a project by Slovakian artist Július Koller (1939-
2007). In his installation Ping-Pong Society, which took place in Bratislava in 1970, Koller set up
a ping-pong club rather than a formal exhibition. Koller often used everyday objects in his
practice to question the world and cultural contexts. Doing so, he hoped to create a kind of
utopia in unusual places.

“Remai Modern aims to be a place where visitors can have surprising, challenging and memorable experiences with contemporary art. Rirkrit Tiravanija’s work embodies a spirit of discovery, disruption and engagement, which fits perfectly into the museum’s programmatic vision” said Gregory Burke, Remai Modern’s Executive Director & CEO.

Tomorrow is the Question, curated by Sandra Guimarães, Director of Programs & Chief Curator, takes place in Remai Modern’s Connect Gallery, which is always free to the public thanks to the generous support of TD. Visitors are invited to play at the tables or observe games in progress as they participate in the vision of two ground-breaking artists.

In conjunction with the exhibition, Remai Modern will host a table tennis clinic in the gallery on February 9 from 2 PM-4:30 PM, led by a coach from Table Tennis Saskatchewan. Tomorrow is the Question runs in Remai Modern’s Connect Gallery until March 24.


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