Whether your holiday gathering is small this year or you’re making a special treat to enjoy for a virtual event, treat yourself after two years of cooking at home with a few new gadgets. Best known for its innovative cooking tools, Cuisipro’s lineup offers everyday kitchen must-haves shaped by professional chefs for chefs of all skillsets. To help make your holiday baking, cooking and gathering hosting easier, here are five of our favourite items from Cusipro to upgrade your kitchen with.

Cuisipro Deluxe Decorating Pen
The Cuisipro Decorating Pen quickly and easily dresses up desserts, pastries, beverages and plates with decorative swirls or personalized messages. Write happy holidays with the fineness of a pen.

Cuisipro Offset Spatula
Smooth the perfect layer of icing with an Offset Spatula. Its flexible blade makes it easy and smooth when spreading frosting, icings, fillings and batter.

Cuisipro Tempo Pie Server
Serve your culinary creations with ease with the modern, elegant and timeless server that looks elegant on your table.

Cuisipro Silicone Tongs with Teeth
Not only are these silicone tongs great to cook with, but they are also designed for precision and control.  Metal teeth securely grip all types of food making serving your guess even easy.

Cuisipro Gold Foam Pump
Make post-cooking cleaning easy with the reusable foam pump that can be filled with any store-bought liquid soap, reducing your soap consumption by up to 75%. Perfect for the kitchen or bathroom, our foam pumps produce a rich, thick foam that is gentle on your hands and lets you thoroughly clean after even the messiest of meals.

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