The Azores: The Island of Faial

Either a short boat ride from Pico, or a flight on the Azores Airlines from Sao Miguel, the island of Faial is one of the three islands part of the central group of The Azores. This island is affectionately known as the blue island (named by Portuguese poet Raul Brandao) because of the hydrangeas that bloom throughout the island in the summer. While almost half of the population of the island left after the eruption of the volcano on the Capelinhos volcano in 1957 causing the communities on the northern and western coast to move and then subsequently immigrate off the island primarily moving to the United States and Canada. However, to this day, the island of Faial still remains to be a naturally beautiful destination and is considered the westernmost point of Europe. Characterized by the central Caldera as seen from the southern rim of Cabeço Gordo allowing for beautiful volcanic formations on…