The Azores: Furnas in Sao Miguel and Beyond

Head north to explore the island of Sao Miguel to explore some of the natural wonders on the island. This Azorean islands were formed in the mid-Atlantic Ridge where Eurasian and North American tectonic plates collide. From this natural phenomenon, geothermal springs are found on the island of Sao Miguel has thermal pools set against lust tropical landscapes and steaming craters of the Caldeiras das Furnas. For those hoping to stay and enjoy the area, the Furnas Boutique Hotel allows you to relax in their thermal pools and enjoy spa services. This hotel also has an onsite menu serving mediterranean inspired tapas dishes in their modern dining room and patio area. Simple, yet beautiful, this hotel is a tranquil escape in the stunning valley. Sao Miguel is also home to the oldest tea plantation in all of Europe. The Cha Gorreana plantation is a national gem as it grows eco-friendly herbal teas known…