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The Azores: Take a Journey Around Sao Miguel with Picos de Adventura

If you are looking for a little bit of thrill, Picos de Adventura is the perfect tour group for you. With adventure programs on land, sea and options for group, let them help you see the sights of Sao Miguel or go on a whale watching excursion. For our little adventure, we decided to go for a hike through Sete Cidades.┬áSete Cidades (which translates to Seven Cities) is located in a volcanic caldera with a village in the centre and a unique lake that is both blue and green. The legend behind this lake believes that the colour was caused by a┬ábeautiful princess fell in love with a shepherd, but they were forbidden by her father from marrying; he did, though, permit them to meet one final time. As they were saying goodbye, her tears ran blue, to form the larger lake; his were green, and created the smaller to…