Star signs are meaningful to many and have long been a powerful way for people to connect with themselves. For many, they correlate with your interest, preferences and sometimes even tastes. To help you pick out the perfect wine pairing, here are the best wines based on your zodiac sign.

Aries are fierce, bold, ambitious and know what they want. To match their vivacious personality, we’ve got the Ruffino Prosecco Rosé. This gorgeous prosecco rosé is light pink with approachable notes of strawberry, rose petals, red berries and peach, while a refreshingly crisp finish caps the medium-bodied and flavourful palate. 

 Taureans are as grounded as can be. Sure, they work hard, but they take care a little harder. Le Clos Jordanne Jordan Village 2019 Pinot Noir is made for Taureans. Its plummy, anise-scented amalgam of floral red and black raspberry perfumes layered with whiffs of woodsmoke are bound to be enjoyed most by earthy Taureans. 

Geminis are insatiable social butterflies who are charismatic and curious. When they’re ready to take a break, Wallaroo Trail – 2 Origins Cabernet Sauvignon is here to complement Gemini’s dual nature with a blend of international and domestic grapes. Combining berry and spice flavours, this bottle is perfect for your next sangria or to be enjoyed as is—the options are endless!

Cancers lead with their hearts and are natural caregivers. What better than an oaky-centred Jackson-Triggs Reserve CS Chardonnay VQA for this heavy-cored zodiac? Aged in French oak for four months to develop creaminess and comforting vanilla notes balanced with citrus and tropical flavours, this wine is a testament that good things take time—Cancers get it. 

Leos embrace their royal status within the celestial jungle. Ruled by the sun, they bring a flair for theatrics and drama to their every ambition—they were made for the spotlight. A wine as bold as a Leo, Vintage Ink CDA Rebel Red VQA combines a sweet fruity edge with round tannins to produce a rich wine: The perfect complement to a Leo’s big personality.

Virgos are process-driven, systematic and organized. If you have a situation, they have a solution. Jackson-Triggs Grand Reserve ENTOURAGE Sparkling finished with Icewine combines notes of apricots, peaches, nectarines, lemon rind, mandarins, quince and underlying brioche. There’s no better wine for a Virgo than one that honours process and craft.

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Libras are all about the perfect balance and strive for harmony in all aspects of life. Highly diplomatic, Libras have an appreciation for creativity and self-expression. The wine for them? A balanced Inniskillin Reserve Pinot Gris. Its abundance of juicy stone fruit; peach, apple and delicate floral notes are complemented beautifully by bright citrus flavours that balance the full and rich palate and crisp acidity.

A misunderstood sign, Scorpios may be mysterious and emotional, but they truly know what they want. Always ready with their next move, they focus on the future, planning ahead and working hard to achieve their goals. Inniskillin Discovery Series Cabernet Shiraz is made for a Scorpio’s enigmatic nature. Featuring layers of dark chocolate, black cherry and spice aromas, this bottle is the perfect pairing, delivering an extended finish and soft tannins.

Goal-oriented, ambitious and hardworking, Capricorns are your go-to when you need to get something done. A Capricorn will always succeed in rising to a challenge. Just as well-rounded, the Inniskillin CS Late Autumn Riesling VQ has lovely upfront notes of citrus, pear, honey and delicate spice. Capricorns have a great sense of practicality all while being dedicated and masterful, from one of Canada’s oldest wineries, this wine is the perfect match.

Aquarians like to identify as unique, innovative and giving. The humanitarian of the star signs, all they want is to make the world a better place. This air sign is represented by the water bearer, making Saintly’s The Good Sparkling the ideal wine pairing for them. The Good Sparkling is full of bubbles and offers a clean, crisp palate with aromas of citrus, peach, pear and slight floral notes—all of the good stuff that will keep an Aquarian truly satisfied.

Pisces are the most intuitive and sensitive of all the star signs. They tend to put the needs of others before their own and are well-rounded friends and companions—they’re everyone’s go-to. Mirroring all things Pisces, the Bodacious Smooth Red, a spirited sophisticate, is a go-to red wine. Bold, rich and juicy, the Bodacious Smooth Red is a medium-bodied wine with aromas of blackberry and blackcurrant with fruit-forward flavours.

Photo by Stefan Johnson on Unsplash


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