When it comes to picking the perfect hotel, finding a serene space to escape to is at the top of our list. All these hotels have implemented bold minimalist designs to instill a sense of calm and beauty so immersive that visitors will never want to leave. From an artistic respite in downtown Los Angeles to an ultra-modern hotel in Shanghai, here are seven eye-catching minimalist hotels to plan your next vacation to. 

Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa, Chile

Deep in the Patagonian wilderness, travellers will find the Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa, offering striking views over the plains to turquoise, glacial lakes and sharp peaks of the Torres del Paine National Park. Though you may not expect a man-made structure to compete with the surrounding natural beauty, this Scandi-inspired getaway certainly puts up a good fight. With a design focused on natural materials, it was constructed with local lenga wood and integrated into the natural landscape. Sunlight pours through the floor-to-ceiling windows, and a muted colour palette of soft beiges blends with warm reds and earth tones. There’s also an infinity pool facing the Torres del Paine’s three impressive granite mountains.

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Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles, California

The LA branch of the esteemed Ace Hotel chain has a chic yet comfortable look that guests might want to recreate at home. It’s stripped-down and unpolished yet sophisticated throughout, with its bare concrete walls and columns panelling the touches of brass and marble. The L.A. sun casts striking hues and shadows against the minimalist, Japanese-inspired furnishings and linens, creating an almost meditative vibe. Despite this interior tranquillity, right outside guests will find the famous neon “Jesus Saves” sign glaring above Downton’s teeming Broadway.

Anantara Chiang Mai Resort, Thailand

Even though Chiang Mai’s Anantara Resort is just a stone’s throw from the old city, it feels serene, and secluded, and is a feat of Southern Thai design. Set on the banks of the Mae Ping River and the base of the Suthep Mountain, the resort has scented gardens and a long, infinity pool bordered by a lilypad pond. Both minimalist and traditional design elements—featuring bamboo, teak furniture, and a subdued palette—combine to further instill a sense of calm and beauty.

Hotel Fasano São Paulo, Brazil

The Hotel Fasano São Paulo—both a Travel Proud and Travel Sustainable property designed by renowned Brazilian architect, Isay Weinfeld— is an impressive blend of Art Deco style and minimalist functionality. Features like the clock tower facade, exposed brick walls, tobacco-hued leather, and parquet floors all combine into a unique, retro aesthetic that is interestingly contrasted by a sparse layout and austere, white marble bathrooms that give it a modern feel.

Habita MTY, Mexico

The Habita Monterrey Hotel is a minimalist masterpiece. It’s a modernist concrete tower in northern Mexico designed by the celebrated architect, Agustín Landa, with monochrome decor by designer Joseph Dirand. The gray, slate rooftop terrace has a curved concrete canopy and two pools overlooking the Sierra Madre Mountains and the sky above the city of Monterrey. Just a 30-minute drive to the famous Cerro de Silla, active travellers love to challenge themselves on the mighty mountain’s steep hiking trails. 

Almyra, Cyprus

The fact that Almyra is located in Paphos—the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty—makes perfect sense. The hotel embodies minimalist purity with its immaculate, whitewashed walls and crisp linens offset by bold, symmetrical design paired with the deep blues of the surrounding sea and sky. Every room features designer furniture, curated so artfully that they suggest feng shui precision, with doors that open to private terraces and manicured gardens with four freshwater pools overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

The Puli Hotel & Spa, Shanghai

Among the hectic bustle of Shanghai, the ultra-modern Puli Hotel & Spa is an absolute sanctuary. The home of a Michelin restaurant and next-level Health Club, it’s glamorous yet simple, with polished, black stone floors, dark-wood furnishings, and low, cozy lighting. Its wide, inviting terrace and tall trees facing the lobby windows make it feel totally removed from city life. The perfect sanctuary for the 33% of Canadian travellers seeking out meditation and mindfulness getaways this year, according to a Booking.com report. A long soak in your bedroom’s stone bathtub—next to windows overlooking the city—might remind you how blissful it is to be removed from the frantic crowds you’ve managed to escape.

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