When you’re travelling, it’s not always easy to keep up your gym routine when the excitement to discover somewhere new is beaconing. But just because you’re away from home, doesn’t mean that you can’t incorporate workouts in a different way. We’ve asked three of Sport Chek Move Makers to share their fitness tips while on the road.

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Try a bodyweight workout in your hotel room

Louise Green of “Big Fit Girl” recommends finding ways to workout within your hotel room during your downtime. “Any easy tip for staying active on the road is to pack a resistance band that you can find from Sport Chek which is lightweight, compact and can easily fit into any pack or luggage.  You can easily access the best “resistant band workouts” or “bodyweight workouts” at any WIFI location via Youtube and voila, you have a travelling gym!

If WIFI isn’t an option on your travels you can plan ahead by accessing the workouts in advance. Simply put together 4 of your favourite resistant band moves and 4 or your favourite bodyweight moves. Combine your body weight and resistance exercises by doing each of the 8 exercises for 30 seconds, repeat the sets 4 times through.  Additionally, try to incorporate as much walking and adventure into your travels while seeing the world. If you can combine your daily steps with your travelling gym routine, you’ll never feel like you have taken a vacation from your fitness goals.”

Image Credit: Elaine Fancy

Find time to meditate while travelling

Sadaf Jamal, founder of Move n’ Improve, helps individuals balance body, mind, and soul with workshops on how to enhance physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. At the Sport Chek event, she recommended “keeping your heart and your mind fit by listening to informative podcasts with healing content – a change from being lost in thought or listening to random music. Lift your neck up and take your head back to touch the seat. Fixing your posture while on a long drive will make your core happy.”

Image Credit: Elaine Fancy

Turn your workout into a game

Tyson Bankert, the founder of Recess Calgary, encourages adults to unleash their creativity and build deeper relationships with peers through team exercise and active play, even when you’re on the road. “I think to stay fit and active while on the road, also requires your mind to stay sharp too. If you’re with your family or friends play some games! Even in extended car rides, like a road trip, the attention of social media can get dull.  Playing games is a great way to let the time go by re-connect with your car mates and have some fun. Finding creative ways to play can keep everyone involved classic games like  21 Questions, Eye Spy, Name Game. If you’re up for it playing some brain teasers or riddles can also be engaging while on a long car ride.”

Image Credit: Elaine Fancy

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  1. I love to go for walks in the summer! I’ve recently started back at the gym too which has been great

  2. Stephen Gordon Reply

    Strolling with my lovely wife Suzanne Gordon on local trails

  3. Judy Cowan Reply

    I try to stay active by incorporating lots of walking wherever I go.

  4. Hubby and I love to walk and normally go for a walk every morning and evening!

  5. Amy Moreau Reply

    When in the car, i like to muscle clench and relax shoulders, tummy, etc. While staying in a hotel, i like to walk to a restaurant out of range if i can and follow up with yoga in my room. Its also surprising how many hotels have a free fitness room and swimming pool to use!

    • I keep active on the road by walking as much as possible, and I always pack resistance bands to do hotel room or outdoor workouts.

  6. Anne Taylor Reply

    We drove across Canada, some years ago, with 4 daughters (4- 14yrs). We made a habit of taking many breaks; some in malls for walking, some swimming pools and lots of parks!

  7. Christine F Reply

    I have a nice jog early morning or late night when the kids are asleep. That or I do a cardio quick 20 min routine I have memorized

  8. In all honesty, just keeping up with twin toddlers is enough to keep me active at home and on the road!

  9. wendy hutton Reply

    by walking as much as possible, if on the road for a long time we take breaks to get out and stretch, eat see some local site whiles there

  10. Robyn Bellefleur Reply

    When I can’t get out to do some walking, then I do yoga for some exercise.

  11. Angela MacRae Reply

    When I am away I figure I get enough excercise with a lot of the walking I do but i also like to go to the pools 🙂

  12. I try to do a lot of walking when we stop and I search out yoga classes on longer stays or fitness rooms in hotels.

  13. Monique L.S. Reply

    We do a lot of walking and touring when we are on our vacations.


    We like to explore where we are staying with walks around the area

  15. For me, I love to explore where I’m visiting, so I love to walk around and find all the hidden gems. Thanks!

  16. Catherine Burke Reply

    We love to explore and walk and discover interesting sites off the beaten path.

  17. On the road, we make frequent stops to walk around towns or trails to keep healthy. We also make a lot of food before we leave so we don’t buy too much processed stuff on the way.

  18. Before we travel we like to research the local trails so we can stop and enjoy nature, our new surroundings and get some exercise.

  19. When I travel I like to do exercises in my hotel room…like Yoga. I also love to run on the treadmill if the place has a exercise room, or preferably, if they have a road route nearby that I can follow.

  20. Erica Seaman Reply

    I always go for walks, it’s interesting to see new places.

  21. I bring along my theraband so that if I am travelling all day I can workout in my hotel room.

  22. Chris Finn Reply

    Lots of stretching, and I’m always on the lookout for a great hike.

  23. Judy Hunting Reply

    We make sure we take lots of pit stops to get out and move

  24. I normally walk twice a day so when I’m on the road I still like to go for my walks.

  25. Caitlin Herring Reply

    Exploring, walking, wandering, fun ways to keep active while absorbing the amazing nature we have all around us in Canada!

  26. Margaret H Reply

    walk our 5 miles a day including threw Sport check ever day

  27. I love to wear my Fitbit to track my steps to make sure I’m moving enough while on the road!

  28. I keep active on the road by walking everywhere I can. Saves a little cash too.

  29. I love to stay active by going for a jog. It’s a great way to exercise and explore the place you are visitingZ

  30. Tracy Taylor Reply

    When on the road we still try hard to each get our 10k steps each day. I actually find it easier when traveling then when at home working!

  31. Sandi Tymchuk Reply

    I like to walk and climb stairs, and sometimes will do a body weight workout as well.

  32. Cheryl Germain Reply

    I stay active on the road by taking regular stops along the way, to explore trails or just walk around the rest area

  33. Marilyn Rowe Reply

    I stop frequently when on road trips to stretch , walk and get a bit of exercise!

  34. Sarah Ferguson Reply

    I carry resistance bands in my bag. They don’t take up space and you can do a number of whole body workouts with them.

  35. I do a little research beforehand to determine a scenic and safe running route. To me, it’s one of the best ways to sightsee!

  36. I walk and bike ride everywhere, taking advantage of the nice warm days and I track my activity.

  37. I try to stay active on the road by walking as much as possible and doing some yoga everyday!

  38. Elizabeth Matthiesen Reply

    That is difficult when you are the driver and alone under ways. However I do stop every 2 hours or so to take a break, enjoy a drink and have a jog around so that I reduce the chance of getting tired whilst driving.

  39. I go for walks when im on the road. I also bring my gym clothes and use the hotel im staying ins gym.

  40. Lots of walking, at work, at home, around the neighbourhood. I love to walk the stairs instead of taking the elevator at work!

  41. Patricia a Yarascavitch Reply

    I stick to walking and public transit if I can.

  42. Julie Bolduc Reply

    I stay active by eating healthy and staying away from fast food places

  43. Catherine Robichaud Reply

    I stay active by walking as many places as I can and using the stairs instead of an elevator.

  44. Shannon Dana Reply

    There’s always lots of trails to hike where I travel. Also, it’s super easy to add yoga into the mix. Stay strong and active! Cheers to healthy adventures!

  45. Erin McSweeney Reply

    whenever the car stops like to get out a get a nice brisk walk

  46. Kathleen Roffey Reply

    We make stops along the way to have a little stretch and walk around a bit

  47. going for a run! something you can do while camping, out at a hotel, wherever! 🙂

  48. Zvi Vaxman Reply

    we play games with our kids like spot the car or license plate

  49. Stop at points of interest and other natural spots to get in some air and stretch the legs.

  50. Suzanne Giroux Reply

    I like to walk as much as possible plus I bring my bands with me on vacation for resistance exercise.

  51. I always pack a workout outfit and running shoes so that if I get some time, I can whip everything on and go for a jog!

  52. Margaret Huitema Reply

    I try to park away from where I am heading to and walk….good exercise!

  53. Chris MacDonald Reply

    I always bring a skipping rope which I can use anywhere for 10 minutes

  54. I stay active on the road by exploring on foot. Lots of walking and hiking!

  55. lynn clayton Reply

    we stop on adventure along the way like trails strawberry picking we have even done a water park

  56. Darren Scrubb Reply

    I walk one hour and a half daily and eat vegetarian food.

  57. I love to explore on foot whenever visting somewhere. Likewise, swim in hotel or resort pools! It would be awesome to have the good fortune to get a new pair of running or walking shoes!

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