To celebrate world photography day, our friends over at Apple have shares some of their insider tips for taking the best photographs you can on your iPhone. Whether you’re capturing moments at home or saving memories for your next adventure, here are some easy tips for you to try to snap the best shots.

1. Understand the different camera modes
With your iPhone, you can shoot in a variety of modes to capture pictures in multiple ways.

– Photo. The standard mode in Photos app that supports taking traditional, still photos. The camera automatically focuses the image and adjusts the exposure based on what you’re pointing it towards. That way, you always start with a sharp, brightly lit photo. You can change the camera focus and exposure to a specific area. Before you snap the photo, tap the place on the screen that you want to adjust. Then if you want to keep the focus and exposure in that same spot, press and hold on the screen until you see AE/AF Lock.
– Square. Limits the frame of your camera screen to a square—the optimized photo size for many social media apps. That way you can snap a photo and quickly share it on your favorite social platforms.
– Slo-mo. Video records as normal but when you play it back, you see the slo-mo effect. You can even edit your video so that the slo-mo action starts and stops at a time you choose.
– Time – Lapse. Capture footage at dynamically selected intervals to create a time‑lapse video that’s quick and easy to share. When you go to time-lapse mode and tap the shutter button, your camera periodically takes photos until you tap the shutter button again.
– Live Photos. Records what happens 1.5 seconds before and after you take a picture. Captures movement and sound. Make edits to your Live Photos the same way as any other photo — Crop, add filters, adjust the light, as well trim or mute the sound.
Andrew Knapp, Canada
2. Understand iPhoneX Portrait Lighting
iPhone X users can take advantage of the Portrait Lighting feature on the front and rear cameras,  that brings a new dimension to Portrait mode with 5 new Lighting modes.
– Natural Light. Your subject in sharp focus against a blurred background.
– Studio Light. A clean look with your subject brightly lit.
– Contour Light. Dramatic shadows with highlights and lowlights.
– Stage Light. Your subject spotlit against a deep black background.
– Stage Light Mono. Like Stage, but in classic black-and-white.

Vanessa Heins, Canada

3. Download the right apps
To help you take the best photos and edit them directly on your iPhone, here are some apps even the pros love.

Spark Camera: Spark is a simple and quick way to make high-quality videos. Capture as many moments as you’d like for an event in 1080p HD, or 4K on iPhone X. Easily add photos and videos from your camera roll to any of your videos when you can add one of 20 beautiful filters, add songs and edit.
Adobe Lightroom CC: Leverage the power of the world-class image editor in an easy-to-use interface on your iPhone and iPad.
Spark Post:  Create one post and resize it to an Instagram story, Facebook header, or any other dimensions so you can share on multiple platforms with less work. This app also allows you to add animations and import images with Lightroom CC.
Filmic Pro: A high-end film editing platform to help you shoot the perfect clip and edit audio and visuals directly on your iPhone.

Paul Zizka, Canada




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