Las Vegas may be the original ‘sin city,’ built in the desert on the dreams of Bugsy Siegel, but it’s not alone in offering the chance to spin the wheels at the slots and roulette tables. They say when you’re bored of Vegas, you’re bored of life, but there are lots of other casino centers to explore, each with their own unique charm to match the razzamatazz of the famous Strip.

Moreover, if you don’t fancy a visit to Vegas, you can always play at home using an online gaming site, or head off to one of the many alternative gaming resorts around the world, from the East Coast of America to the Far East of China.

Monte Carlo

Long before Las Vegas was just a twinkle in Bugsy’s eye, Monte Carlo was well established as the home of the green baize tables and colorful chips. Located in the tiny city-state of Monaco, the casinos of Monte Carlo offer an altogether more refined approach to gaming, with most casinos expecting tuxedos for gentlemen and dinner dresses for ladies. This is where James Bond comes to play and where you’ll get the chance to rub shoulders with the rich and famous, from minor royalty to Formula One drivers.


Macau is a mecca for gaming fans in the Far East, with no less than 18 huge casinos, including some of the biggest brands in the world. It is physically smaller than Las Vegas, but that doesn’t stop it from ranking in more than four times the revenue ($28bn) that Vegas does ($6.4bn). Macau is just a short ferry ride from Hong Kong, yet it feels as different from Hong Kong as Hong Kong feels from China.


The British capital might not be the first place to spring to mind when you’re thinking of casino cities. Still, with 24 establishments to choose from, including the massive Hard Rock Casino and the swanky Mayfair Private Members Casino in Berkley Square, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Head to a city that is not all about gaming, but also offers lots of other stuff to do, including history and heritage that you simply won’t find elsewhere. 

The Bahamas

If you want to combine great weather and gorgeous beaches by day with world-class evening entertainment at some of the finest casinos in the world, then you won’t go far wrong in Nassau. You’ll also find plenty of action on offer across the Caribbean. Aruba, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and the swish, sophisticated shores of Martinique all welcome players from across the world.

Closer to home 

Of course, you don’t have to travel the world in search of casino fun. Canada has its own casino spots, including Niagara Falls, where you’ll find a choice of three casinos, including Falls View Casino Resort, Seneca Niagara, and Casino Niagara or from your hotel room at one of the best online casino in Canada. There are also two more in Ontario. Head south, and you’ll find the United States has much more to offer than just Vegas, with casino hotspots such as Atlantic City, New Orleans, and Biloxi all offering something different, from the Mardi Gras festival to delicious deep south Cajun cuisine.

Casino Niagara (on the right) is one of three casinos in the city

At the end of the day, whether you’re looking to stay in the casino for the duration of your break, or you want alternative entertainment along with it, there is a casino destination to suit everyone. From the glitz and glamour of Vegas to the historic boardwalks of Atlantic City, from the waterfalls of Niagara to the water sports of the Caribbean, the choice is huge. Create the perfect casino break, and you’ll be onto a winner before you even place a bet. 

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