Serving more countries than any other airline in the world, Turkish Airlines has added a new destination to its extensive list and is now flying to Aqaba in Jordan as of March of this year. Round trip fares are available from Istanbul to Aqaba starting at C$515 (including taxes and fees). With direct flights already offered by Turkish Airlines from Montreal and Toronto flying to Istanbul, the addition of this new destination allows travellers the option to explore another part of the Middle East.

Visiting Aqaba

Often overlooked by modern-day visitors, Jordan sits at the Northeastern tip of the Red Sea making the city a prime tourist destination in the region for its luxurious beach resorts, snorkeling and scuba diving, beaches, shopping, food and lifestyle. It is also not too far from famous historical site, Petra, and the incredible Wadi Rum desert. With archeological remnants dating back from 4000 BC, Aqaba has without a doubt a rich and colorful history. Many centuries ago, this port city was  famous for being the meeting point for pilgrims coming from Damascus and Egypt, all thanks to its strategic location. Now a resort city booming with tourism, Aqaba is a destination worthy of your ultimate  Middle East travel bucket list.

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