Rick Mercer has been an integral part of Canadian television for the last quarter century. Born in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canadians have found delight in quick-witted comedic style that has captivated audiences all across the country and the world. Earlier this year it was announced that fifteen seasons, 277 episodes and 264 rants, The Rick Mercer Report will be coming to an end in April, 2018. The final season features destinations all across Canada traveling from a Sea Cadet National Regatta in Kingston, Ontario to a shipwreck Festival in Gjoa Haven, Nunavut to the Festival of the Grape in Oliver, British Columbia. After a decade and a half of traveling across Canada for this program, Mercer is finally taking some time at home to unpack his suitcase.

The Best Job in Canada
“I know I have the best job. It is a little embarrassing how much I enjoy going to work, I know many people do not have the luxury of a job that they like going to every morning. It’s a gift. 15 years seemed like a good number to end on. I have always admired people in show business that know when to move on. I want the legacy of the Mercer Report to include a graceful exit.” – Rick Mercer

Finding the Canada’s Hidden Gems
“A great number of trips are suggested by viewers like you. That’s important because we can’t have eyes and ears on the ground in every nook and cranny of Canada. Recently I travelled to Ferryland Newfoundland, we took a dory to a small island offshore and herded sheep that graze on salt water grass out there for the summer. We returned to the mainland with a dory full of sheep and had the best shore lunch of fresh cod that you could imagine. It was iconic scenery. It was suggested by a viewer.” – Rick Mercer

Canada’s Hall of Fame
“Well I met Rick Hansen and he was as generous and incredible as I imagined. I also got to throw him off a bridge. Jann Arden is a dear friend because of the show. I have flown with the snowbirds; I’ve hoisted the flag on the top of the peace tower. I crushed a Ford Tempo with a tank. I have experienced Zero Gravity and early hypothermia. I have interviewed not only every living Prime Minister but every member of RUSH. I went skinny dipping with Bob Rae. That’s just off the top of my head. I could fill a book about experiences that have stood out. Wait there’s an idea.” – Rick Mercer

Viral Rants
“The rants are so different week to week. Sometimes they come from an angry place, sometimes they just deal with the absurdities or ironies of life or politics. Usually I want them to be funny or at least I try to make them funny. Sometimes the subject doesn’t lend itself to a funny treatment. The only thing that is consistent is that it is my opinion. When Gord Downie passed away I didn’t rant about Gord so much as I just told a simple story about Gord and a conversation he had with my father. I thought the story spoke to the character of the man beyond his impact as an artist or an activist. It’s a pretty big privilege to get to do that every week.” – Rick Mercer

The Mileage
“I’ve clocked well over a million Aeroplan miles travelling for the show, that’s a lot of miles and 95 percent of them were domestic. Sometimes I feel Air Canada is my second residence. I do know that Don Spence – our Director of Photography on RMR – the man who shoots the rants recently calculated that he and I have walked 32.5 kilometers doing rants. Of course he has got the tougher job he’s going backwards carrying a camera on his shoulder, I just walk and talk.” – Rick Mercer

Life on the Road
“You would think I would have the packing thing down but the truth is I haven’t actually unpacked in 15 years. There are multiple suitcases open and half full at all times in my house, I can go to any climate in a moment’s notice. My only advice on jetlag is that naps are your friend. I am great at short naps. I can have a short nap anywhere.” – Rick Mercer

His Next Adventure
“I’m not retiring I know that. So many people in airports have yelled out “Congrats on your retirement” it’s nice but not how I would describe it. I have big plans, I just don’t know what they are yet. I may consider unpacking for a bit. I recently built a cabin near St. John’s Newfoundland and Labrador. I look forward to spending some time there.” – Rick Mercer

All images provided by Mercer Report. (Jon Sturge)  

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