While we all have high hopes that the world is opening up, the idea of travelling across the Atlantic Ocean to someone exotic feels far away. But, if your tastebuds want to do the travelling, look no further than the GA Pizza Subscription that delivers this delicious meal frozen Italian meal to your door.

Disrupting the frozen foods industry with its beloved, chef-made artisanal pizzas, General Assembly Pizza offers customers quality chef-made pizza beyond its beloved Toronto-based restaurant doors. In just five minutes, the pizza is chewy and baked to perfection, or for a crispier crust, just pop it in for an extra two minutes.  With six options to try, there’s the perfect pie to suit every tastebud.

For those who prefer something more savoury, the Plushroom pizza is filled with luxurious layers of cream, mushrooms, and truffle oil. Or, if you prefer something a bit spicier, add Sweet Heat or Domino Effect to your box.  There are also several vegetarian and vegan pizza options available for order in the GA Pizza Subscription box.

How to plan the perfect pizza party at home

Step 1: Order your GA Pizza Subscription Box
Step 2: Pop it in the over at 475°C
Step 3: Enjoy it with your favourite bottle of red wine!


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