Over a 12-month period, TripAdvisor analyzes reviews posted about airline carriers based on quantity and quality of services in order to  establish which are the top carriers. Once again, Turkish Airlines has been crowned for a  consecutive year as Travellers’ Choice Major Airline – Europe. Turkish Airlines has also been recognized as the best airline in two other categories of Trip Advisor’s 2018 Traveller’s Choice Awards such as Travellers’ Choice Business Class – Europe and Travellers’ Choice Economy Class- Europe. 
These awards illustrate the appeal of Turkish Airlines across the different classes and products on offer. “We’re honoured to be recognized in three categories in the 2018 TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Awards. This represents a valuable appreciation for our commitment to excellence. These awards are also a testament to the great efforts made by the huge Turkish Airlines family to turn our passengers’ entire flight experiences into an exclusive and memorable journey. I would like to thank both our valued passengers,family members, and TripAdvisor for making us so proud with those awards.” said Ahmet Olmutur, Turkish Airlines Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).
The world has spoken, millions of travelers have expressed their love for Turkish Airlines has being one of the best airline carriers the industry has to offer. And what about you? Have you ever flown with Turkish Airlines?

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