Alongside countries like Australia and Spain, Greece is regularly featured in travel news and on travel television shows. A hugely popular travel destination, Greece is a beautiful country with plenty to offer for a wide variety of holidaymakers. 

If you want to relax on the beach, Greece most definitely has you covered. Alternatively, if embarking on an adventure up a mountain is more your bag, then you’ll be in the right place. Alongside the pristine beaches and the extreme activities, the southeastern European country has so much to offer for people in need of a break. In fact, Greece is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world at the moment. Here’s why it might appeal to you, too. 

Great weather 

One of the many reasons why people rush to Greece to unwind is because of its reliable climate. Due to its southern location on the Mediterranean, Greece is a country that is treated to excellent weather during the spring, summer and autumn months. Rain is a rarity in Greece, with hot daytime temperatures and cool evening breezes appealing to many holidaymakers. The country’s excellent weather provides confidence to a traveller, with plans rarely disrupted due to unforeseen weather. Overall, for beach dwellers in particular, Greece’s hot weather makes it a great holiday destination. 

Greek cuisine is delicious 

While Greek restaurants can be sampled in major cities around the world, trying Greek cuisine in the country of its origin is unbeatable. Not only are the ingredients on offer generally fresher and tastier, but the Greek diet is one of the healthiest. The benefits of the Mediterranean diet have been well documented, with olive oil proving to be extremely good for us, alongside the delicious salads and fresh fruit that Greeks typically enjoy. Greeks certainly know how to put on a memorable feast, with the country being famous around the world for its cuisine. From moussaka and gyros to stifado and baklava, there is so much to try in Greece. Be sure to sample some of the country’s unique drinks, too.

Greece is steeped in history 

With ancient sites dotted all over the country, Greece supplements its great food and weather with a number of ancient sites that highlight the birth of Western Civilisation. Ancient Greece has always been popular in society, with people tuning in to watch classic movies like 300: Rise of an Empire and currently playing Ancient Greece-themed slot games like Age of the Gods: Epic Troy, which is part of Playtech’s broader series of slot games that covers the whole mythopoeia of Greek gods, myths, and monsters. As such, it’s entirely understandable for people to want to immerse themselves in Greece’s remarkable history (be it real history or the mythical kind), perhaps by staying in Athens for a few days to see the Acropolis and the Temple of Zeus. Experiencing the main attractions in the flesh in one of the most historical countries around understandably appeals to holidaymakers, particularly as there aren’t any countries to really compare it to. There are a number of UNESCO World Heritage sites to explore, too, including Delos, Old Town of Corfu, and the Archaeological site of Delphi. 

Amazing beaches on offer 

Alongside the great weather on offer, people flock to Greece to frequent some of the best beaches around. Greece has over 6000 islands, making it a coastline-heavy location that has a wealth of worthwhile beach options to explore. Santorini is a particular favourite with holidaymakers, although locations like Milos also appeal. Sandy beaches are everywhere in Greece, though, with people able to relax on some truly pristine beaches. 

Other reasons to go to Greece include its outdoor adventure activities, the chance to go island hopping, its excellent hospitality, it’s a safe holiday destination, and its cheap on the whole. 

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