No matter where you choose to take your holiday or how frequently you travel, the last thing you want is for unexpected issues to arise or even problems caused by a lack of planning. Holidays are fun, joyous occasions and as such, you want to get the most out of your holiday. Enjoying a carefree break away from the routine of your day to day life is like a breath of fresh air—food for the mind, body and soul.

Some people can see booking a holiday somewhere you have never been before as a bit of a risk but as explained by sometimes things in life are worth the roll of a dice or a spin of a slot, especially if it improves the experience you have.

To get the best out of your holiday and to travel problem-free, you need to know how to make sure things run smoothly for you. Especially if you make sure to follow these top 5 travel tips before you set your “out of office” and head off on your trips?

Make A-List

And check it twice as the old Santa adage goes. But the last thing you want is to step on the plane and realize you forgot to pack underwear! Make the list at least a week before you’re due to head off and add to it every time you remember something, or you have packed it and recheck it closer to the time.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is vital to protect yourself when holidaying abroad. This is one travel tip you need to make sure you take up. Medical services and costs are different all over the world, and while you may be used to getting medical attention free at the point of contact at home, this may not be the case elsewhere.

Include current and recent health conditions or treatment you are undergoing, including regular medication. If you don’t declare something only to need assistance for it when on holiday, it may invalidate your policy leaving you with a huge bill to pay. This isn’t anyone’s idea of a dream holiday!

Photocopy Everything

Having a copy of all your important documents when you travel can save you so much time and stress. Or even a photograph on your phone. Take the picture or photocopies or both if you prefer and keep them all separate. In the event of anything getting lost or stolen you can still prove who you are, how you arrived at your destination and where you are staying should you need to. Having copies can be a lifesaver if you don’t speak the native language where you are visiting and can’t access an interpreter as the relevant authorities can see proof of identification.

Pack Efficiently

Sure we mean roll everything up to remove excess creases from clothing. But how you pack is so important. Anything you deem to be essential, such as passports, travel documents, phones, laptops chargers etc. Need to be kept in your carry-on. Chances are, you will have this with you at all times, thus removing the likelihood of damages or things getting lost.


That is the aim of your holiday, isn’t it! However, you prefer to relax, make sure to get the most out of it. Everyone likes to do different things when on holiday but making sure you do what makes you happy is the most important thing. Pull out that book you’ve been meaning to read or go for a dip in the pool. And don’t forget those pictures. They don’t all need to be Instagram worthy but making memories and capturing yourself enjoying your time away is a tip you shouldn’t ignore!

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