Casinos and travel are always a good way to go, for entertainment purposes. However, if you combine the two together, you essentially find yourself with the perfect night out! Around the world, there are some of the best casinos present and waiting for you to take advantage of them, on your next vacation. Can you imagine a vacation where you get to see all the best sites culturally, as well as enjoying the slot machines, poker tables, blackjack tables, and the lavishly elegant roulette wheels? That should pretty much tick anyone’s boxes everywhere if we may say so ourselves.

Especially now with the world on standby from travel due to the chaos of the pandemic, it would make sense for people to start planning their next luxurious nights out across the seas. It gives us all something to look forward to! So, with all this in mind, we have made a little list of our own that should convert you into making our casino vacation list as your next must go-to’s!

Niagara Falls, Canada

One of the most popular destinations in the world to visit has to be Niagara Falls in Canada. This beautiful tourist attraction is the pinnacle of waterfalls. There is also so much to see and do there, Canada has done an excellent job at making this one of the most popular and best places to visit in the world. What makes it even better is that it is an affordable experience too. This is certainly something that you want to have on your bucket list.

As well as the amazing landscape, there is much more to be appreciated in Canada. Other popular destinations like Fallsview casino are to be admired. This casino resort not only has a wide range of excellent casino games to experience, but also dining facilities and a spa! There is also an entertainment center, just to put the icing on the cake. Although if that is not for you, you could also play online, where there are the most appealing bonuses to claim as a new customer. This is becoming a more common discovery in Canada, as the regulations loosen, we are seeing an increase in Canadian residents playing at online casinos. If you want to try one out for yourself then check this website.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Would it even be a casino vacation if we didn’t include this on our list? The great thing about Vegas is, you have so many casinos to choose from here. It is not just the one option, you will be able to try out different casinos with different regional influences, meaning one day you will be in Egypt, the next day in France with the Paris Las Vegas. Maybe this is the one casino vacation you need since you will be able to see all the tourist attractions from Nevada state!

Another thing we should mention here is that you should be able to find varying budget worthy destinations, which means no matter what you can afford, the night clubs, the dining out, entertainment and hotels are suitable for all the different travellers out there. Are you a solo backpacker looking to spend with tight purse strings? No problem, there will most definitely be something here for you. Great popular casino destinations to add to your list include The Venetian and Caesars Palace.

Atlantic City, New Jersey

This hotspot is a favourite for the US, even the Friends gang planned to take Phoebe there for a friend get-away. It’s a place that has plenty of stuff to see with lots to do at the same time too! Everything from great food, to fine dining, and a spa to really indulge yourself with. The Borgata Hotel, Casino, and Spa offer separate floors where guests can fully take a minute out from hectic emails to answer, calls to take, and just immerse themselves in a laid-back experience.

Sure, it can be seen as a little outdated as a whole, It is definitely a family location where you and your family members can all reconnect after the isolated year we have all experienced. 

Some of the best hotels now have special offers to try and generate interest back into the area. Since the great news of the vaccine has been released, you should definitely book a spot before the prices inflate for travel again.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

We have all seen the James Bond movies, right? This casino was featured in Daniel Craig’s Casino Royale edition; which is where we saw how luxurious this casino actually is. The evenings spent in the poke rooms with on-call bars. Let us not forget to mention the elegant dress codes they have there. Maybe this is what everyone needs after spending almost a year working from home in loungewear and sweatpants!

Word of caution here, however, this location is pretty up there in terms of budgets. Monte Carlo has the most expensive properties in the world, so of course, their casino and on-site facilities will be pretty much the same here. If you are wanting to have a vacation amongst amazing landscapes overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, this location is certainly the one for you.

Nassau, Bahamas

The Caribbean is a location that has had a reputation for years, for the tropical experience it provides. By coming to Nassau, you can get your fair share of gambling, sea, sun, and sands, all in one destination. If you happen to live off the coast of Florida, a simple cruise ship will elegantly take you there in style. The casino resort that we would suggest you take a minute out for, is the Atlantis Resort Paradise Island. This casino has been voted as the best within the islands, due to it having huge poker table establishments that the PokerStars tournaments have taken place in before. The huge seven acres long lagoon is also an impressive tourist feature that you will most definitely need to use to take those pending summer pictures for post-Covid 2021. Here’s us with our fingers crossed!

Macau, China

Macau has been named another equal casino destination to Monte Carlo for the exquisite and elegant casino facilities that it provides to the gamblers and holidaymakers who arrive there as tourists. Macau is without a doubt, a top location within Asia that provides players with an amazing experience. Many say that Macau is the spine of the region’s tourist economy, meaning without the casinos that are boasted here in great numbers, the scene here may be a little flat and it certainly would not have the same limelight and magnetic pull that it does today.

All the restaurants and shops are open 24 hours a day that includes casinos, meaning boy, will this be a place to have your next night out when all things settle. Did we forget to mention that you may check out the impressive water features that are available here from street to street? Even the go-karting tracks they provide not far from the casinos are said to be the best in the entire world. So essentially, the moral of this story is, if you are wanting a holiday casino vacation that has access to everything you could possibly want when abroad, it is time you paid this spot a visit.


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