Chloe Yan


How to Pack for a Long Haul Flight

Packing doesn’t have to be the hardest part of your trip. When it comes to traveling, always remember to pack all of your ‘must-have’ items in your carry-on. Medication? Toiletries?  Headphones? Keep the items you need most close to you in your back-pack or purse so that you can access them easily during your flights. In this guide, I’ve rounded up a few of my travel essentials that will help to ease your in-flight experience. Passport Holder You’d be surprised at how often people tend to lose their passports, plane tickets, and other important documents. With this passport holder from Eccolo, you can hold everything important in it organized without losing anything. It’s slim and lightweight, making it easy to carry everywhere. Portable Charger Most flights offer Wifi and in-seat power outlets these days, but just incase your flight doesn’t offer those, have a portable charger like this one from…