Destination Canada and Air Canada have come together to release Canada’s Best New Cookbook, which features mouthwatering recipes from more than 30 restaurants—all previous Top 10 winners of Air Canada enRoute’s Canada’s Best New Restaurants program from the past 20 years—and stories that explore the unique culinary regions and personalities across Canada. Each recipe reflects the bounty of ingredients that exists across these fruitful lands, and every tale underscores how much food is a reflection of place.

“This cookbook is a distillation of the country’s thriving food scene” said Amy Rosen, author of Canada’s Best New Cookbook. “We intentionally designed this cookbook to showcase each of Canada’s different regions and the diversity of talent who have and continue to shape Canada’s culinary landscape.”

Canada’s Best New Restaurant list itself was created by Air Canada 20 years ago and industry experts from across the country who, like the assortment of best-in-class winners, aim to be inclusive and representative of the diversity and geography of Canada’s food scene.  It is a way of celebrating the country’s restaurant culture and is a guide for booking delicious dinner reservations with travelling


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From coast-to-coast-to-coast, Canada’s culinary talent is world-class, and we have been proud to support our country’s restaurant scene through Canada’s Best New Restaurants since 2002, and now with Canada’s Best New Cookbook,” said Andy Shibata, Vice President, Brand at Air Canada.

“This collector’s item honours our country’s distinct cuisine through vibrant recipes and stories of Canada’s unique regions and ingredients, reaffirming Canada’s position as a destination with a rich and enduring culinary tradition.”

This cookbook is a distillation of the country’s thriving food scene, featuring doable recipes from more than 30 former Top 10 winners, and stories from across Canada. Whether you like to cook, travel – or simply eat – this book is for you. Pick up or order a copy online at Indigo here.

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