Ever wanted a change of scenery before the beginning of the New Year? You’re in luck! We’ve rounded up the cheapest destinations that are perfect for an impromptu trip and they’re all under C$1,300 for the month of December of this year!

*All dates searched are in between the 4th and the 24nd leaving from Montreal (YUL), Calgary (YYC), Toronto (YYZ) and Vancouver (YVR) airports with the help of Sky Scanner app

1.  Mexico

Wanna indulge on the world’s best tequila, soak in the sun and perhaps watch a Mexican wrestling match?  Fly to Cancun and Puerto Vallarta for about 355$ from Montreal and Vancouver.

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2. USA

It comes at no surprises that USA should figure highly on this list, yet the fact that there are some killer deals for Honolulu (C$600), San Diego (C$400), Orlando (C$335) and Las Vegas (C$450) make us want to reconsider where we’d spend our next holiday this winter!

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3. China

We know as Canadian thinking of flying to China might be pricey. What one fail to assess is how Vancouver is the best departure point towards Asia and therefore the lucky winner is scoring amazing deals such as this one where you can fly to Shanghai for less than C$600 round-trip!

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4. Peru

Home to one of the World Wonders and incredible landscapes that seem to be out from this world, South America is sure an obvious choice for a winter holiday. Prices varies from CS640 departing from Toronto to C$850 from Calgary to colorful Lima. It’s a steal!

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5. South Korea

If you wish to eat way more side dishes than the main course itself, or wish to have real kimchi… why not head to South Korea this winter? Starting at C$800 round-trip, you can fly to Seoul departing from Vancouver.

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6. Portugal

If you love being active and the city, we can suggest you to visit Portugal. But beware, get ready to have calves of steel! From colorful houses, delicious seafood, castle overviewing the entire city  and great city life (also one of the safest in the world!), fly to Lisbon round trip for C$800.

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7. Taiwan

The country has it all. From modern cities, Chinese temples (note that the country is located near China), romantic spring resorts and incredible mountainous regions. From Vancouver, fly round trip to Taipei for less than C$1000.

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8. Costa Rica

Two words: Pura Vida. From exotic beach resorts to a mesmerizing jungle, Costa Rica fits any criteria of what a perfect holiday should be. Fly now to San José from Calgary for less than C$1000.

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9. Philippines

From swimming with turtles to visit one of the world most populated cities, the Philippines has been gaining popularity over the last few years. Fly now to the capital, Taipei, from Vancouver for less than C$1,030.

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10. Japan

Combining ancient culture with exquisite natural landscapes and dazzling modernity, Japan highly figures on any traveller’s bucket list and at $C1,310 round-trip from Vancouver, it’s safe to say December is a great time to visit.

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