Everyone’s home has that one awkward space which is unsightly and unused, whether it’s a small alcove or an oddly shaped nook, however, these tricky areas give homeowners ample opportunity to utilize and make them provide a practical purpose. “If you think your alcoves are too shallow or oddly shaped to be of any use – think again,” shares Cari Bateman, Furniture Designer at Neville Johnson. “These spaces are just waiting to be made useful. Transforming these quirky features with made-to-measure storage will enhance the look and feel of the whole room.”

For those looking for expert advice when it comes to awkward spaces in the home, a premium fitted furniture brand, Neville Johnson has three clever ways to fill the void and make use of your dead space.


An alcove is a receding part of a wall and can often be found in living rooms around a chimney. As they can be quite a small area, homeowners may feel that this nook is a disadvantage within the home, yet there are many ways to reinvent it.  Neville Johnson’s dark green library epitomizes elegance and fits seamlessly into any nook or alcove. It features shaker-style bespoke cabinetry for discreet and sophisticated storage, and open shelving to showcase decorative and personal items.

The home library is finished in the exclusive Avocado shade, a colour choice which has seen a 700% increase by Neville Johnson from 2019, proving homes are preferring calming, nature-inspired colours. For homeowners who prefer a glass of whisky over a novel, Neville Johnson’s home bar is the perfect alcove solution, showing just how versatile these tricky spaces can be.


Clever storage under-the-stairs can solve all manner of problems and one solution can be making it into a sleek home office. Neville Johnson’s understairs office proves even the smallest of nooks can be converted into simply anything. This under-stairs office includes beautiful bespoke cabinetry with display shelving. Thus, creating not only a beautiful office, but a sophisticated talking point.

If your home possesses a large loft which is currently unused, then creating a personalized home office will ensure the space is fully utilized. A loft conversion is one of the most beneficial ways to transform your home and maximize space. Neville Johnson’s modern loft home office has been uniquely designed to fit the exact specification of the room. Accommodating sloping ceilings and awkward corners, the wall-to-wall design provides masses of storage and open shelving. The perfect, professional working environment in the comfort of your own home.


Boot rooms exude modern luxury and have become increasingly popular with homeowners who are lucky enough to have a large, spacious entrance. Not only does a boot room offer extra storage, but it also provides a place to take shoes and coats off before entering the house.

Neville Johnson’s boot room is a clever solution to cure those storage-related headaches. Open shelving provides easy access to items such as shoes and boots, whereas cabinets with hanging rails conceal coats and jackets, perfect for seasonal garment switch-ups.




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