The whole world of leisure and tourism has been turned upside down by the onset and widespread nature of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Nations and localities have entered a lockdown, sometimes on multiple occasions, and even in places where this is no longer necessary people are wary. Social distancing, masks, and other measures are now in place to try and limit the risk of contagion, and this has helped to make both outdoor and online sites such as the best online casinos in Canada more attractive propositions for spending one’s leisure time. Here are some ways that those in Vancouver can enjoy their Autumn, and defy the pandemic’s shadow.

Beautiful Canadian Resort Destinations

Canada’s a nation renowned for its huge expanses of natural beauty, many of which are conveniently close to the country’s major cities. Located on Vancouver Island itself is the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, ideal for fans of the great outdoors and for oenophiles in particular. Even if you have accommodation elsewhere, the wine country is the perfect place to relax in picturesque settings that enable effortless social distancing, unlike the confines of other tourist hotspots. And if you can enjoy a tipple or two along the way, that’s just an extra added bonus.

British Columbia is such a scenic place that there has been a plethora of festive films shot in the local area, which gives some idea of the scope for outdoor leisure destinations. Not only are there beautiful places to wander, but those who have a penchant for silver screen glamour can also find all the betting excitement they want at BC’s River Rock Casino Resort. However, there’s no denying the real world betting industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has led to an increase in interest for online casinos.

A Way to Explore Online

Real-world casinos have been heavily affected by lockdowns and safety measures. Not only do they have large numbers of people in close proximity, but items (most notably chips and cards) are frequently passed through many hands. However, online casinos can provide the full gamut of betting options along with added no deposit bonuses with none of the coronavirus risks, making a safe way to enjoy a little fun without gambling with your health. Better yet, Canadian online casinos pair perfectly with the great outdoors thanks to excellent mobile platforms that perform seamlessly on tablets and smartphones. Whether you’re into keno, scratch cards, virtual sports, or the traditional mainstays of slots and table games, online casinos for Canadians combine all the fun of the real world betting establishment with no danger of getting COVID-19.

Stanley Park

Vancouver has plenty of distractions for both residents and visitors, and it may be a pleasant surprise to learn that many of the port city’s top hotspots are actually free of charge to enjoy.

Stanley Park is named after the same British peer whose name gave us the Stanley Cup of the NHL. The park’s not too shabby either, being one of the largest urban parks you’ll find not just in Canada, but anywhere in the world. If sun, sea, and sand are your favoured terrain then check out the park’s beaches, or you can admire the scenic sea wall and wander the trails for light exercise. Just be sure to keep an eye out for the carriages passing by, and be sure to stop at the rose garden if horticulture is your hobby. And that’s before we get to the idiosyncratic totem poles, the Malkin Bowl amphitheater, and the marine marvels that make their home at the Vancouver Aquarium.

The Chinese Garden

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden is a slice of the Far East in the middle of Vancouver. Relax by a lily pond or meander through bamboo-lined trails. You’re not alone in the Chinese Garden, with aquatic denizens including carp and turtles frolicking in the water. Landward, there’s also a fantastic pagoda, which is perhaps not the first thought that springs to mind when you think of Vancouver.

Old Vancouver

Old Vancouver’s beating heart is Gastown, named after the pioneer (or scallywag, as you like) “Gassy” Jack Deighton, whose statue you can find in the district. Steampunk fans should definitely check out the evocative Gastown Steam Clock, an antique-style public clock that uses steam and whistles to tell the time. The cobbled streets have Dickensian names such as Blood Alley and are complemented with the soundtrack of talented buskers. Whether you’re having a getaway in Summer, Autumn, or any other time, Vancouver has plenty of great attractions, many at low or no-cost extra.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy Vancouver’s delights even amid the pandemic. Whether that’s wandering expansive parks, strolling into a garden of Chinese culture, or playing at a casino you can keep in your pocket. Just remember to maintain social distance, and keep yourself safe.

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