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Montreal: Crème Fraîche Bistrologie

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Located in Montreal, Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie is home to charming small shops and an impressive number of “urban villages”. To this day, it is still one of the most affordable and family-friendly districts to live in and undoubtedly the best place to start looking whenever you wish to spend your evening at a local and intimate restaurant.

source: Huffington Post Québec

That being said, when 3 Frenchmen, David, Joaquim and Adrien, decided to open their new bistro on Rue de La Roche in the middle of Rosemont, it was only fitting to incorporate their French roots into this Montreal’s warm and welcoming neighborhood. Cumulating years of experience in the restaurant sector on this side of the pond, Crème Fraîche Bistrologie is the fruit of their hard labor that truly represents the owners’ vision by wanting to offer their guests a unique culinary experience by preparing French decadent dishes all which are made from fresh and local ingredients.

With an impressive selection of imported wine, it’s no wonder why this sales pitch would seal the deal for dining out at Crème Fraîche. When dining out, one wishes to eat and drink what they can’t get their hands on at home; and with a menu that changes daily (YES, DAILY!) it is a certainty that each visit will be a delightful surprise. From oysters, charcuterie plates to meals that are easy to share (depending on the ingredients, an average of 6 dishes per night will be created), this modest sized restaurant  is the perfect place to spend a wonderful night at in the heart of Montreal’s coziest neighborhood.

montreal, montreal foodie, creme fraiche bistrologie, foodie mtl, rosemont, rosemont la petite patriesource: Huffington Post Québec

Note that Crème Fraîche Bistrologie also serves brunch with the same menu template: brunch has never been this exciting!

source : Crème Fraîche Bistrologie

Reservation : (438) 387-6733
5800 Rue de la roche

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