Architects are responsible for planning and constructing buildings. Since modern cities grow fast, the demand for new buildings has increased significantly. Therefore, a lot of prospective students started learning architecture. Undergraduates learn hard constantly to know how to construct future buildings properly. They spend a lot of time behind their computers grasping new knowledge and creating project samples.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to become a skilled specialist without hands-on experience. If you’re an architecture student, it’s recommended to delegate your assignments to skilled writers and devote some time to exploring architectural masterpieces. A good essay writing service will help complete college papers with no stress. Experienced writers tackle homework of any difficulty level and deliver ready-to-submit papers on time. Why not benefit from a pile of opportunities and devote more time to traveling and discovering new locations. 

For example, Barcelona will help you expand your overview and learn more interesting facts about constructing buildings. Scroll down below and find the selection of the best travel destination that will impress you as an architecture student.

Barcelona, Spain

It is a marvelous city that millions of tourists visit yearly, according to Statista. They enjoy exploring the city and its festive atmosphere that flows in the air. Tourists never miss an opportunity to explore local bars, the coastline, and different events. Nevertheless, amazing buildings that blow people’s minds are the main attraction that forces many people to spend a vacation in this city again and again.

It is an old city that has not so many skyscrapers. The local government controls all construction processes to keep the captivating atmosphere that buildings in Barcelona bring. Streets and houses are well-planned in the city. Besides, most houses in the city are true masterpieces that have unique and remarkable designs. There, you will find curly houses that are built by combining bricks and glass. A lot of houses are painted in bright colors that enhance the overall impression. 

New York, USA

New York is one of the most popular cities in the world. Skyscrapers from the visual silhouette of NYC. It’s a very crowded city designed to help millions of people live and move without experiencing serious troubles. Lack of spare space and demand in office spaces forced people to build skyscrapers close to each other. High constructions have 60 stories, on average. To stand out from the crowd, designers also developed unique design solutions. 

If you want to design the buildings of the future, it’s required to have a trip to NYC. Walk down the streets in the city’s downtown. Pay close attention to the challenges architects faced and how they resolved them. Since the city develops at a high pace, there is a chance to find a skyscraper under construction. Also, don’t forget to discover how architectures create green zones for rest, lacking space. 

Oregon, USA

Oregon is famous by its nature. Locals want to keep it untouched, so they promote sustainable constructions. It’s a new trend that shapes the future of architecture.Such buildings will provide minimum impact on the environment. Also, future architects will be required to consider the lack of raw materials. They will need to design buildings that can be constructed using recycled materials. Being a student, don’t be shy about using the paper helper to find reliable writers who will help you compose your homework. Since the service has a large pool of skilled academic writers, these guys can easily find the best experts who can quickly craft an outstanding assignment to help you progress in college and get more time for visiting new places. 

When you allocate plenty of spare time, head to Portland. This city is a pioneer in sustainable construction. There are a lot of houses that are built with close attention to the environment in mind. Green buildings are a new trend that shapes the city. For example, most houses are designed to offer the ability to install solar panels. Besides, architects develop green zones, bike paths, and other solutions to promote sustainable living. If you visit the city, you will discover how to design the buildings and public areas of the future. It will give you a pile of valuable professional advantages vital not only for students who benefit from site but travelers interested in discovering new areas. 

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

It’s the most famous city in the Middle east. Having bloated budgets, great ambitions, and a huge desire to stand out, local companies and billionaires invested tons of money into turning idle land into one of the world’s richest cities. Dubai is a jaw-dropping city that will impress any architecture student. There are hundreds of skyscrapers, including the highest one, Burj Khalifa. It’s Dubai’s landmark that needs engineers to resolve many challenges. 

For starters, the largest building in the world creates enormous tension on the ground. The soil there is sand, which isn’t the best for constructing buildings. Having a trip to Dubai, it’s also vital to pay close attention to solutions that help keep buildings safe from extreme heat and fast winds. Also, there are a lot of notable architectural projects like artificial islands that should be examined if you want to become an architect who will be able to tackle challenging projects. 

Photo by David Rodrigo on Unsplash

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