Whatever you’re seeking from your European adventure, Croatia has it all. Its idyllic nature has seen the Southeast European country become a go-to destination among many contemporary travellers. Fundamentally, there are many reasons why holidaymakers are opting for Croatia aside from its warm weather and Game of Thrones connection. So, let’s consider how you can best balance entertainment with relaxation when in Croatia.

Consider Attending a Sports Event

Although sports may not be for everyone, spectating one of the local events in Croatia is a fascinating way to both be entertained and relaxed. Football, in particular, is a significant part of the country’s culture, with its roots in the sport stemming back to before the formation of Croatia, according to the Los Angeles Times. At present, the country boasts one of the finest national teams in international football with a whole host of world-class stars, including Luka Modric, Mateo Kovacic, Mario Mandzukic, Ivan Perisic, and many more.

Croatia vs. Portugal, 10th June 2013

Image Credit: Luka Modric (L), Joao Moutinho (R) – Croatia vs. Portgual, 10th June 2013” by Fanny Schertzer (CC BY-SA 3.0)

While immersing yourself in international football is very much dependent on whether your visit coincides with a domestic break, the Prva HNL typically runs outside of the summer months. During the season, watching Dinamo Zagreb at the Stadion Maksimir allows travellers to sit in the ground and take in the country’s deep-rooted love of football, thus balancing entertainment and relaxation.

Moreover, an opportunity to watch the 21-time Croatian First League winners in the company of passionate, local supporters shouldn’t be overlooked. Furthermore, the next generation of Croatian players will also be on the show, including Lovro Majer.

What About In-House Entertainment? 

Aside from sports, Croatia isn’t short on opportunities from an entertainment standpoint. For those who are uninterested in football, traditional in-house offerings may be more appealing. If so, visiting the Croatian National Theatre could be something to consider. Since being first established in 1860, the HKN Zagreb has hosted ballet, opera, and theatrical shows.

Alternatively, for those seeking a more hands-on approach to in-house entertainment, the country’s casino opportunities may be worth considering. The Diamond Palace Casino is one of Croatia’s most popular casinos. Located in Zagreb, travellers can immerse themselves in live games, poker, or even slot machines. Alternatively, the casino’s bar means that visitors can take a more laid-back approach to participation, and instead enjoy the thrill-seeking atmosphere.

Source: Unsplash

Crucially, the Diamond Palace Casino’s slot scheme is likely to be familiar to players who enjoy digital slots at online casinos. With rewards and progressive systems in place, this incentivized approach is similar to that on offer at many of the operators listed at Casino Hacks, including Casimba, LeoVegas, Voodoo Dreams, and more. In turn, this familiarity will only help players remain both entertained and relaxed, as the bonus-orientated system won’t be alien to them.

Excitement and Relaxation Can Coexist

Of course, many activities can be enjoyed throughout Croatia. However, the above strike a sought-after balance between fun and relaxation. In turn, you’ll not only enjoy a refreshing, action-packed European getaway, but you’ll also find yourself deeply immersed in Croatia’s local culture and traditions.

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