The pandemic has been simultaneously the best and the world year for our hair. On one end, we’ve been using less heat, hair dye, and styling our hair less often. But, with the salons closed we also have been skipping our regular treatments and cuts that we all so badly need. To give your hair a bit of help at home, we’ve rounded up three of our favourite products from Pantene’s new collection that has kept our hair feeling healthy, hydrated, and video call ready.

Hydrating Glow Thirsty Ends Milk to Water Serum

With nutrient-infused hydrating properties, Pantene’s Hydrating Glow Thirsty Ends Milk to Water Serum is a weightless solution to try hair that needs a bit of moisture, while noticeably smoothing split ends for a healthy glow. This product is especially useful after months and months without a great haircut and a staple for those with curly or coarse hair that needs a little extra moisture.

Hot Mama Heat Activated Hair (Re)Freshing Spray

Maybe it’s because we love the name, but Hot Mama Heat Activated Hair (Re)Freshing Spray has been our snooze button saviour this year. This heat-activated spray nourishes hair with pro-vitamin B5 and protects your hair against heat damage when you wake up too late to have it air dry and need to pull out the blow dryer!

Miracle Rescue Intense Rescue Shots

Our washrooms are always stocked with the Miracle Rescue Intense Rescue Shots to save our hair in a pinch. This concentrated treatment is Pantene’s most powerful and nourishing formula that deeply repairs signs of hair damage, transforming even the most damaged and dry hair.

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