This pandemic has made us re-evaluate our lives and rethink how we spend our time, what we do for work, and even where we live. And with the way we live, work, and spend our time changing, we saw an unprecedented rise in the housing market this year, both in price and demand. If you’re looking for a little more space, a change of scenery, or to relocate to be closer to family, here are 3 tips for making moving during the pandemic a little less stressful.

Have your movers hold your items in the truck overnight

Moving day is often busy, filled with paperwork and things you’ll need to finalize to close your place. That’s why, if you can, having the moving company store your items overnight can be really helpful. This will give you the chance to clean your new place before your belongings arrive and take some of the pressure off in getting everything done during a timeline or while the moving truck clock is running.

Setup a hygiene station for you and your movers.

We all want to stay safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. To help limit risk, set up a hygiene station for you and your movers to sanitize and stay safe. A simple display with extra disposable masks, hand sanitizer, and wipes can help limit the spread of germs throughout your move. An extra mask is helpful to be able to put on a fresh one after the hard work lifting and moving your items.

Make the cleaning easier with Bissell

The moving day often feels like a blur. You’re rushing to finish packing just as the moving truck arrives, and then you have to clean along the way to leave things tidy for the new owners. Thankfully, you can check one thing off your list with the  CrossWave Cordless Max Multi-Surface Wet Dry Vac by Bissell that allows you to mop and vacuum at the same time.  With 30 minutes of cordless cleaning power, you can give your place a quick clean on the way out the door leaving your floors clean and sparkly fresh.

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