This summer is the summer of the road trip. As Canadians are flocking to pack up their cars, cottage rentals are on the rise as we look for any way to escape the city while we enjoy the warm weather. To help you plan your cottage menu, here are our three must-have items for you to add to your list.

Enjoy a Zero-Proof Cocktail on the Dock

West-coast based Lumette! offers a non-alcoholic alternative to your summer cocktails. Made with all-natural flavours and distilled from premium botanicals, London Dry gives the uniqueness and versatility of an aromatic spirit when used in cocktails, but with zero percent alcohol and zero calories.

Finish off your Dishes with Tahini

Made from fire roasted and stone milled sesame seeds (considered the next great superfood), Halvana’s range of artisanal tahini  are made with 100% natural ingredients and without the use of artificial colours, additives or preservatives. The Tahini Squeeze is the perfect way to finish off any salad, BBQ dish  or whatever you’re cooking up this summer with a light sesame flavour.


Cool Off With Sapsucker

Sapsucker is an organic sparkling tree water that offers a refreshing twist to your typical bubbly water. It is made with the moisture from maple trees that collects nutrients that provide hydration and nourishment, enabling the tree’s growth and rejuvenation each spring. The water is lightly carbonates and natural lemon or lime flavours are added for a lant-based beverage boasting minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and prebiotics.

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