While you may be itching to redecorate your home in high style (or maybe just tidy up the living room before your next meeting), the online interior design experts at Modsy will spot you one better! They’ve rounded up their favourite designs inspired by each one of this year’s hottest new home interior trends and turned them into beautiful Zoom backgrounds that are perfect for any virtual get-together, whether it’s a work conference call or a girlfriends wine night. Here are six Zoom backgrounds inspiring by 2021 home decor trends.

1980s Style Revival. Sculptural furniture, bold colours, and plenty of drama. The 80s are back—but only the good parts.

Natural Materials. Brings effortless texture into your space and gives your home a perfectly layered look.Bold Wall Colors. White walls, be gone! Bold wall colours are the perfect way to bring joy, excitement, and personality to your home.

Lighter-Toned Wood. Hello, Scandinavian and Rustic inspiration! We’re seeing lighter-toned and whitewashed woods take center stage.

Grandmillennial Style. More and more people are embracing the “granny-chic” style—filled with antiques, wallpaper, and ruffles galore.

Rise of Traditional Comfort. Slipcovered sofas. Traditional patterns. Functionality. It’s time to get comfortable without sacrificing style.

And if you’re feeling inspired after seeing these designs, explore and shop them all at www.modsy.com.

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