Travellers far and wide have been buzzing about the Heidi Kagan shawl as their “must-have” travel accessory. This travel shawl is essential for travellers who are looking for something versatile to wear on a chilly plane ride, train journey or evening out on the town. This travel shawl instantly transforms your travel wardrobe with some colour and texture. As an added bonus, it’s machine washable making it the perfect thing to take with you on the road.

Unlike regular travel shawls which are just a single piece of fabric you drape upon yourself, the wrap is designed with sewn-in holes so it doesn’t fall off your shoulders, stays put and makes it fuss-free… the whole reason behind the inspiration and design by Heidi Kagan.

To keep you warm on your next adventure, we’re giving away a Heidi Kagan travel shawl to one lucky winner!

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So what makes the Heidi Kagan shawl different than other travel shawls?

-1 size fits all
-Comes in a ruffle trim or fur style
-Can be worn 4 different ways
-$125 for the real fur trim version
-$88 for the ruffle version
-Machine washable but with the look of cashmere
-Available in 28+ colours (brights for summer, earthy tones for fall and basics like black and grey)
-Perfect for weddings, travel, nursing and style

What was the inspiration behind the Heidi Kagan wrap?

The inspiration for my 4 Way Shawl Vest design was to create a stylish look for busy women on the go and who travel.  As a woman designing for other women I wanted to create a layer of clothing with a luxurious look and feel that’s so easy for women to wear during travel and to pack. I travel often and either the flight doesn’t have a blanket to keep warm or one is there but not very soft or comfortable. So I wanted something I could wear through the airport, on the plane like a super soft blanket and then the rest of the trip until the plane flight back.

Our unique design has armholes which enable women to wear this four different ways as a cape with sleeves, a vest without sleeves, a poncho and with a hood which is perfect for sleeping in and privacy on the plane. I wanted women to have this versatility to choose from these different styles but in one shawl. I also wanted to give women coverage where they need it so I made this a thigh-covering length, with adjustable sleeves and coverage which is perfect for travel.

What are Heidi Kagan’s travel essentials?

I travel often for my business and before boarding, I love to buy magazines in the airport to read on the plane since I don’t get to read as much for pleasure so it’s a great way to relax with a special reading treat and enjoy the flight!  One of my carry-on essentials-other than my travel wrap-is my moisturizing lip balm which helps with the dryness that occurs during the plane flight and also for longer flights I bring my comfy socks so I can relax in flight with warm feet and without having to be confined to shoes during the long flight.

Where was your favourite place that you have travelled to?

One of the most unique places I have travelled to is Bali, Indonesia. I loved visiting the different parts of the island where for generations families have specialized in beautiful wood carvings, oil paintings, dance and music and designing jewelry pieces. The landscape is also breathtaking from the lush rice patties to the gorgeous beaches to the beautiful landmark shrines. The people top off an incredible experience with their warm hospitality.

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