More and more tourists are packing up their bags and heading to explore the South African city of Durban. Luckily for you, exploring this city is now even easier thanks to The SaunterThe Saunter – a new network of six tourist routes that celebrate local arts, crafts, food and drink, and activities  showcasing an eclectic group of more than 140 local vendors with a distinctively South African flair. Saunter routes provide visitors with opportunities to visit and interact with talented painters, sculptors, textile designers, potters, wood craftsmen, iron workers, glass artists, and more throughout urban and rural areas. They also include the best restaurants to stop and re-fuel, as well as outdoor pursuits that showcase the natural beauty of the surrounding area including scenic walks and picnics, bird watching, boating, and more.

With six great routes to choose from, here is a look at one of our favourite tourist routes developed by The Saunter.

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Located in horse country, small villages and the growing town of Hillcrest have plenty to offer.

·         What to do: Visit Guido van Besouw, one of the few glass blowers in South Africa. Guido’s work includes glass blown bottles, paperweights, vases, and more. Each piece is hand blown at his studio where visitors can watch him transform sand and fire into unique works of art.

·         Where to eat: Oscar’s Café offers a relaxed vibe and al fresco dining option. The restaurant consistently ranks among the best in Durban with a focus on homestyle comfort food. 

·         Where to shop: Shop at Peel’s Hillcrest Farmstall and Gift Shop for an assortment of treats including honeys, honey brittles, nougats, and homemade preserves. Nestled among the chickens and ducks at The Mushroom Farm, Peels is the oldest brand of honey in South Africa and remains a well-kept secret.

·         Don’t miss: The Shongweni Farmers & Craft Market began in 1998 with only 12 stalls. Today, it hosts more than 150 stalls supplying bread, milk, cheese, vegetables, meat, baked goods, and more. The market is open every Saturday, and visitors can meet a variety of local vendors.

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